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Woman Divides Internet With Dog's Unusual Name

Woman Divides Internet With Dog's Unusual Name

People are hounding her over this one.

We can think of nothing more adorable than a dog with an unusual name, whether it's inspired by a famous canine character our your favourite book or TV series.

But the internet has been left divided after one woman revealed the inspiration behind their new rescue dog's name.

The new dog-owner revealed that she and her husband have been subject to serious criticism by close friends and family after choosing a more personal name for their pooch.

One woman revealed the inspiration behind their new dog's name.(

Taking to Reddit to ask if she really was in the wrong, the anonymous woman revealed that she had named her dog Penelope in honour of her late mother.

The Mirror reports she wrote: "My husband and I recently rescued a new dog and named her Penelope in honour of my mother who passed away last year.

"My family has said they think that is very weird and disrespectful. They said if I wanted to honour her, I should have taken my mother's cat when she passed instead of asking my brother to."

The dog was named after the owner's late mum. (

After reading the Redditor's story, users were divided. While some found the name choice rather strange, others argued that owners can name their own dogs however they see fit.

One wrote: "It’s not weird or disrespectful. My dad named two dogs, at separate times, after his late brother. People find comfort in it and your family is a bit weird for being so upset about it."

But another user retorted: "I wouldn’t want to connect my late mother and your dog either. You can and have named your dog whatever you want but claiming a name that matters to other people then includes the feelings of other people."

People were quite divided over the name choice. (

A second weirded-out Redditor added: "It is kinda odd but that's alright I guess. Everyone grieves differently. You probably should have named her something resembling your mother's name instead if her actual name though."

Remaining firmly on the fence, another user wrote: "You are allowed to name your dog whatever you want. Your family is allowed to be uncomfortable with you naming a dog after their recently dead family member."

What do you think? Is this dog name a touching tribute or wildly inappropriate?

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