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Warning issued as couple 'discover hidden camera in their rented house'

Warning issued as couple 'discover hidden camera in their rented house'

This is too freaky.

A man has warned other holidaymakers to stay vigilant after he 'found a hidden camera' in the bathroom of his vacation rental 'pointed directly at the shower'.

TikToker Mitch Hollow (@mitchhollow) claimed that he and his girlfriend hadn't noticed until the end of their weekend trip that the camera had been hidden in plain sight the entire holiday.

"I've stayed at plenty of Airbnbs and Vrbos before, but I've never ever seen a hidden camera," Mitch told his followers as he pointed out the impressively discrete spyware.

There's no way we would have spotted this:

"I just thought it was a charging block somebody had left here," said the TikToker as he pulled the equipment out of the wall.

"I thought it looked weird, so I took it out and flipped it around, and there's a micro SD card in here."

Mitch's video quickly went viral, and has now been viewed over 11.5 million times.

Thousands of people rushed to the comments to discuss the his sobering discovery.

"New fear unlocked," wrote one concerned viewer.

"This video validates my suspicious fears of being watched when staying in vacation rentals," admitted a second.

"Looks like a lawsuit to me!" added a third.

While a third, more optimistic user suggested: "Look on the bright side, you just got a free camera."

The TikToker claims he found this hidden camera in the bathroom of his holiday rental.

Later, Mitch posted a follow-up TikTok to share of the some - heavily blurred - footage that he found on the camera's SD card.

Meanwhile, he informed his concerned followers that he had contacted the company who manage the property to try and get to the bottom of it.

"The company that manages the property claim that they haven't been to that property in, like, over a month and that a cleaning crew comes in between the guests," he said.

"But the cleaning crew denies leaving it there too. But I really can't think of who else it might have been besides the previous guests accidentally leaving it there."

After that, Mitch said that he was happy to 'leave it at that', once he and his girlfriend got a refund for their stay.

Some of the footage from the hidden camera.

But people weren't happy with how the TikTok creator left things and urged him to 'pursue legal action immediately'.

One viewer commented: "Don’t just leave it at that. Someone is lying. You owe it to the next victim to press charges and get these people taken out."

Another suggested: "At least make a police report because then there will be a paper trail for future guests."

But some vigilant followers pointed out that there was nothing to worry about, after reading the bio on Mitch's profile.

The popular TikToker's profile reads 'videos produced for entertainment purposes only', leading viewers to believe that he might have made the entire thing up as a ruse.

"Y'all, read his bio," commented one user. "Read the man's bio," warned another.

For this couple's sake, we're hoping this video falls under the 'entertainment' category.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@mitchollow

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