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Puppy abandoned in forest with all his belongings sat waiting for someone to find him

Puppy abandoned in forest with all his belongings sat waiting for someone to find him

Hank was just sitting on his bed in the forest when he was rescued, but now things are looking up for the rescue dog

A dog was discovered sitting patiently in the woods surrounded by his belongings after being abandoned.

If you’re feeling a bit emotional just now, we can only promise that this story does eventually have a happy ending, though it sure doesn’t start on a good note.

Hank the dog was only eight-months into his life when he was abandoned in the woods with nothing but a chucked-out dog bed, a couple of toys, and a bag of dog food that he couldn’t open.

Before we get too harsh on the people who left him there – though there is room for criticism – we have no idea of their circumstances or what might have led them to leave him there.

Hank was just sitting patiently waiting.
Humans and Animals United

Still, it’s an utterly heart-breaking photo, and must have been a tough thing to find for those that eventually came to rescue him.

That person was an anonymous Good Samaritan who stumbled across Hank and was surprised to see that he wasn’t running around like a normal puppy, instead standing stock still on his worse-for-wear dog bed, looking sad.

He was taken to an animal shelter where it was discovered that not only was he a lovely dog with a great demeanour, but that he was also nursing an injured leg.

That leg was going to require surgery, so the animal shelter called in charity Humans and Animals United.

They told The Dodo: “He was nothing but love from the moment they got him,

“Everybody says that he’s the sweetest dog.”

He does look lovely.
Humans and Animals United

Still, the vet was concerned by that broken leg of his, believing that it must have been sustained some two weeks before he was rescued.

Luckily, the folks from Humans and Animals United have agreed to care for Hank whilst he puts on a bit of weight before he can have the surgery.

In the meantime, he’s been getting some other things that he needs too, like a bit of love and affection, as well as copious amounts of cuddles.

It’s the least he deserves after what he’s been through.

What’s more, he’s likely to have a forever home to go to sooner rather than later, as Humans and Animals United have been inundated with requests from people who just want to love Hank.

Once he's healthy again he'll hopefully be rehomed.
Humans and Animals United

Rosa Fond, the founder of Humans and Animals United said: “He’s gonna have a little bit of a journey to go through before he’s fully adoptable,

“But he’s safe now and he’ll never, ever be hurt again.”

Told you there was a happy ending coming right at the end, didn’t we?

Featured Image Credit: Humans and Animals United

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