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Louise Redknapp Responds To Concerns About Puppy's 'Dangerous' Dog Chew

Louise Redknapp Responds To Concerns About Puppy's 'Dangerous' Dog Chew

Rawhide isn’t always the best treat for dogs.

Dog owners adore their pups, and always love to give them a little treat every now and then.

Louise Redknapp is no exception, with the singer, 47, treating her adorable new bulldog to a rawhide chew.

You can see the super cute video below.

Louise welcomed her new pup into her home earlier this month, shortly after the tragic passing of her beloved pet, Blubelle.

Updating her 740,000 followers on how her new bulldog, Banksy Blu, was settling in, she shared a short video of her little one enjoying a chew.

However, fans were quick to warn the former Strictly Come Dancing star that rawhide can lead to health issues in dogs.

Banksy Blu is the latest addition to the family (
Instagram - louiseredknapp)

“Be super careful with rawhide babe especially with bull breeds, they can be so dangerous!” one person urged. “I learnt that the hard way with my Frenchie, we had a scary choking experience with him, I had no idea that raw hide was not a good thing to give dogs, done some research after and have never given him one again!”

“Gorgeous but I wouldn’t recommend rawhide it is so bad as the stomach can not digest once swallowed,” said a second.

The dog was enjoying his chew (
Instagram - Louise Redknapp)

“I have bulldogs I get scared giving them rawhide just in case they choke!” a third person wrote, while a fourth warned: “Beautiful pup… but rawhide is a big no, can cause serious stomach and intestinal problems in dogs, he’s a handsome little fella, too cute!”

Heeding people’s concerns, Louise assured fans she’d taken the chewy treat away from Banksy Blu.

“Hi guys thanks for all the advice on rawhide we took it off him pretty quick before it got soft and could get caught in his throat,” she wrote. “Thanks for all the concern!”

Rawhide is a popular dog treat, made with leftovers of the leather industry.

Louise said she took the rawhide away (
Instagram - louiseredknapp)

According to the American Kennel Club, rawhide chews are often difficult for dogs to digest and lead to choking or blockages. If they swallow large pieces of rawhide, they can become stuck in the dog’s oesophagus or the lower digestive track.

This can lead to intestinal blockages that need surgery in order to remove.

Good alternatives to rawhide include carrots and antlers, which are safer for your pups to chew.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram - louiseredknapp

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