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Woman Mortified As Dog Finds Sex Toy And Wants To Play Fetch

Woman Mortified As Dog Finds Sex Toy And Wants To Play Fetch

This is so awkward.

A regular game of fetch took a rather embarrassing turn when a woman’s cocker spaniel discovered a sex toy on his morning walk.

Molly Fenton, 28, captured the moment her pet pooch Doug found the toy and dropped it by her feet in the hope she would throw it for him to fetch.

The hairdresser admits she also mistook the dildo for a stick at first when Doug discovered it on Eastney beach near their home in Portsmouth.

"As soon as I got Doug home I brushed his teeth, I thought I'm not having that," Molly said.

Molly's dog Doug found a dildo by the beach (

"We were out for his early morning walk and I had just thrown on some clothes and taken him down to the beach by my house.

"He was running along minding his own business when he found what I thought was a stick. So I let him carry on with this in his mouth this in his mouth without a care until I noticed it moved a bit, like it was flopping.

"At first I thought he had a dead animal so I shouted at him to 'drop that now' and he thought I was chasing him like it was a game.

"He finally stopped and as I came closer he dropped it on the floor like he wanted to play fetch."

When Molly tried to take the dildo from Doug, he picked it back up in his mouth thinking they were playing a game, and started to run off with the dildo in tow.

"When I realised it was a dildo I just burst out laughing. I was in absolute hysterics at 7.30am and he went to pick it up again to play with it.

Doug dropped the dildo by Molly's foot to play fetch (

"It had a suction cup on the bottom and I would say it was average size."

Molly has a theory about how the dildo found its way onto the beach.

She said: "Only a few minutes after finding the dildo he spotted a drinking funnel for beer further up the beach.

"Someone had obviously had a party the night before. God knows what they were doing on the beach but it looks like they were having a good time."

Molly made sure to dispose of the dildo after Doug had tried to play fetch with it to make sure other dogs and their owners avoided similar awkward moments.

Molly said: "While I was in floods of tears laughing I had to pick it up in a poo bag to make sure no other dogs could play with it.

Molly and Doug's morning walks have been changed forever (

"I had to keep it away from Doug as he thought we were playing a game before I found the bin to drop it in. He was definitely disappointed when I binned it.

"Doug's always finding things on his walks, but never anything that rude before.

"He's found teddy bears and kid’s shoes before but a lot of the time it's just massive sticks.

"He does love going for a swim too which is why we're always at the beach."

It's fair to say Molly and Doug's walk will never be the same again!

Featured Image Credit: Kennedy

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