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People Baffled By 'Embarrassing Noise' Dog Makes On Walks

People Baffled By 'Embarrassing Noise' Dog Makes On Walks

Does anyone know a dog exorcist?

This French Bulldog has people in stitches after embarrassing its owner with the most bizarre noises on their walks.

Sharing a video of her hilarious dog to TikTok, Macey Price (@maceyyprice) told viewers: "I think my dog is broke."

Erm... does anyone know how to fix this? Have a listen for yourself here:

Accompanying the video, Macey added the text: "So embarrassing every time I take her for a walk she does this noise."

People are obsessed with the little Frenchie, admitting that the noises it was making had them in tears.

"I’m actually crying😂😂😂😂😂" commented one viewer.

A second joked: "That’s not a dog that’s a gremlin."

"I’m howling just woke my kids up 😂😂😂😂😂😂" added a third.

Comparing the excitable dog to beloved animated character Donnie Thornberry, one viewer commented: "That dog straight out of the wild thornberrys movie."

This dog makes the funniest noises. (

Other viewers reassured Macey that her dog definitely wasn't broken, and that they've seen other dogs make similar noises.

"My boy does this 🙈" wrote one fellow mortified dog-lover.

A second added: "my pug does the same 🥲😂"

Meanwhile, a third wrote: "I was so embarrassed cos my puppy was constantly barking but this has made me feel better 😂"

A fourth viewer, who was very familiar with the Frenchie's screeches said: "My old next door neighbours dog sounded like this. Used to think she was possessed 🤣🤣"

Other French Bulldog owners assured her that the noises were normal. (

After some viewers raised concerns that Macey's dog was suffering from strained vocal cords, the TikToker shared a follow-up video to prove that her cute canine only made the wild noises when she's excited.

In other dog news, we were in floods of tears last week when we watched Harry the Saluki cross finally find his forever home on The Dog House.

Viewers thought Harry may have found his new 'pawrents' during last week's ep, but sadly they chose not to adopt the six-month-old pooch.

But finally, this week, viewers were overjoyed when Ashley and Lee made him part of their family.

Poor Harry first arrived at the Wood Green animal charity as a puppy, after being left alone in the garden for hours on end.

Poor Harry first arrived at the Wood Green animal charity as a puppy (
Wood Green)

The team at Wood Green worked tirelessly to restore Harry's confidence and happiness and finally, he was ready to start looking for his new family.

The Dog House continues Thursdays at 8pm on Channel 4.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@maceyyprice

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