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Woman's urgent warning after she was forced to miss flight over ripped passport

Woman's urgent warning after she was forced to miss flight over ripped passport

That's one way to ruin a holiday

One woman has issued an urgent warning after she was forced to miss her flight over a ripped passport.

The jet-setter, Amy Grundy, took to TikTok to share her latest travel blunder which could have ruined her entire trip altogether.

The woman has since notified fellow flyers of the incident in the hopes that they won't suffer the same fate she did.

Amy Grundy has issued a warning on travelling with a damaged passport.

Amy told her followers: "So basically I was supposed to be flying from Manchester to Thailand yesterday and my passport got denied because of this rip."

She then proceeded to show a small rip on the top corner of one of her passport pages.

The woman recalled that airport staff told her to go to Liverpool 'immediately' to get a new passport to 'make a later flight'.

She continued: "They didn't have any appointments in Liverpool so I had to go to Glasgow."

A whole '24 hours later' and Amy was a staggering '700 quid down'.


She was understandably left 'crying so much' but luckily 'got a passport' in the end and continued her trip.

Speaking of her cautionary tale, Amy concluded the TikTok: "Don't travel with a ripped passport guys."

The culprit.

Really hammering the warning, she also captioned the short clip: "Check your passport for any damage because you will get denied to fly, especially going to Asia."

Many fellow flyers have since rushed in to share their thanks for the warning.

One TikTok user commented: "Mine's 100 per cent worse got tears and face mask all over it and I’ve traveled seven times with it maybe it’s time to get a new one."

"Omggg noted," posted a second.

A third added: "Mine's missing two pages."

Others shared their own similar experiences with dodgy passports with one person revealing: "This happened to me on Tuesday worst day of my life crying in Heathrow. Holiday ruined!!!"

Who would have thought such a small rip could lead to such a big ordeal.

"This happened to me!" echoed another. "You can just turn up in Liverpool and queue up to get one."

Some, however, clearly weren't so sympathetic.

One TikTok user penned: "At what point did you think you would be able to travel using that! It’s a mess!"

"Why is your passport in that state anyway?" asked a second. "It’s a precious document that should be cared for."

A third added: "Am I the only one who treats my passport like a newborn child? Mine's five years old and near pristine."

A final jet-setter advised: "If you’re travelling to countries that require a visa stamp - your ONLY legal proof of your right to stay there is your passport - look after it!"

Needless to say, the woman won't be making that same mistake twice.

My British Passport explains: "If your damaged UK passport is still valid, you can travel as normal until it expires.

"However, if the damage means that your passport is no longer valid (for example, if a page is missing or it has been damaged extensively), then you will need to renew your passport before traveling.

According to HM Passport Office, a damaged British passport is one which cannot be accepted as an official form of identification for travel.

Your passport could be considered to be damaged for a bunch of different criteria including; your personal details are difficult or impossible to read, your passport is stained on any of its pages (e.g. it has ink, makeup or chemical spills), there are signs of fading or discolouration on the passport’s name page and if there are missing, torn, defaced or detached pages.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@amygrundy7_

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