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Woman left in hysterics after realising she's been wearing playsuit as a top for years

Woman left in hysterics after realising she's been wearing playsuit as a top for years

The unknowing woman had been wearing it incorrectly for four years.

Don't get us wrong, we've all had some major wardrobe malfunctions in our time - but this one woman's story well and truly takes the biscuit.

An American woman has gone viral for revealing a top she has been wearing for four years is actually a jumpsuit.

The girl in question, called Madison, texted her friend the story after she realised one of her favourite garments wasn't what she thought it was.

You can watch the video below:

Sending her pal a picture wearing the offending item, Madison wrote: "I have had this top for like OVER FOUR YEARS and I am JUST NOW realising that it is NOT a top, it is a ROMPER.

"I have worn it SEVERAL times. As a top. It always bugged me how complicated it was to put on and how it never made sense and now I know why.

"I put [my waist] through ONE of the leg holes that I didn't know were leg holes. I cannot make this up. I just thought it was one of those flowy sideswept tops."

After Madison's pal, who goes by the name TeamPierce, uploaded the video to TikTok, her jumpsuit mistake quickly racked up over 230,000 likes.

Madison was clueless her top was actually a jumpsuit.

Many people flocked to comment on their own fashion faux-pas, with one writing: "I wore a cute tunic to my first day of high school and found out months later that it was actually a bathing suit cover-up."

"I have also done this!" reassured another. "Why do they make some of the leg holes open and flowy?"

"I wore a car seat cover as a skirt once," confessed a third. "It's okay."

"I wore my jean jacket upside down to a concert - collar at my butt. Didn't notice until hours later," a fourth laughed.

It can happen to anyone!

TeamPierce has since uploaded a second video thanking those on TikTok for laughing along with Madison's error.

"I'm so glad you all thought that was as funny as I did," she said.

"Madison is one of my best friends, I promise you she is not dumb. It could happen to anybody!"

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@teampierce

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