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Woman stunned after finding UGG Ultra Mini boots in TK Maxx for just £40

Woman stunned after finding UGG Ultra Mini boots in TK Maxx for just £40

Run don't walk...

If you've tried getting your hands on a pair of UGG Ultra Minis, you'll know that for weeks now, many retailers have been totally sold out of the chestnut boots.

The variation of the classic UGG surged in popularity this year, with many desperate to get their hands on the shorter style.

But they don't come cheap, with the boots retailing at £135.

But, one woman on TikTok seems to have done the impossible. Not only has she found a pair of the ultra minis in TK Maxx, but she's also managed to bag them for a fraction of the cost - £39.99! You can watch her video below:

In the clip, TikToker Josephine - who goes by @josephinesl00ks - explained that she was stunned when she came across the boots at the TK Maxx store in Leeds.

"Girls don't walk, run to TK Maxx. I found these UGGs for £39. I still can't believe it, £39. Honestly, £39. Absolute steal. Don't sleep on TK Maxx," she said.

And other TikTok users were also in shock over the bargain, with many explaining that they had been desperately trying to get their hands on a pair of the boots for months.

One woman on TikTok seems to have done the impossible.

One person commented: "Wooooow such a good find... love them."

While another said: "I don’t even wanna buy them cheaper I just want to buy them! Sold out everywhere."

And a third added: "Which tkmaxx im running there now!!"

Meanwhile a fourth commented: "WHICH TK MAXXXXXXXXX PLS!!!?????"

However, others were suspicious of the video due to the fact that the shoes were in the original box. But Josephine explained: "The bigger TK Max stores have a premium area, the shoes there’s usually come with boxes. [sic]"

The boots usually retail for £135.

One person said: "They're not from TK Maxx. Used a TK Maxx price tag and bag to look like you have got them from TK Maxx. Why lie."

But Josephine shut down the claims in a follow-up video, showing the receipt which clearly showed when and where the boots were purchased.

"Here's the receipt, there we go," she said.

"There's the shoes, the bag I bought, those are the boots. I've absolutely no reason to lie. There we go, you can even see the shop I bought them from.

"It's not that deep, I don't need to lie."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@josephinesl00ks

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