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Woman 'Dress Coded' At Disneyland

Woman 'Dress Coded' At Disneyland

Tori Cannella shared the moment she was made to change her top at the ‘The Happiest Place On Earth’ and it's divided the TikTok community

A woman was ‘dress coded’ at Disneyland and it has divided the people of TikTok. 

Tori Cannella (@toragrams) shared the moment she was led away by a staff member at the ‘The Happiest Place On Earth’.

Her original outfit included a pair of denim shorts and a black long sleeved top tied together with string. 

Text over the clip reads: “So yeah just experienced getting dress coded at Disney.”

Watch her video here:

As she walks behind the staff member - voucher in hand - she is brought to the gift shop where she buys a yellow branded t-shirt, which she swiftly changes into before heading out to presumably enjoy some rides. 

While some people thought the original top was too revealing, others defended Tori and said there was nothing wrong with her outfit. 

One TikTok commenter wrote: “That’s literally probably one of the least revealing crop tops you could wear… at least the shirt was free lol.”

Another said: “[You’re] literally paying them money to go there u should be allowed to wear what u want.”

A third chimed in: “Honestly this makes me mad. why do they care what you wear as long as you have clothes on.”

This was her original outfit before being forced to change into a Disney t-shirt.

Among the people who saw the theme park’s side of things included this TikToker who said: “It’s a children’s park so I understand.”

While another quipped: “It’s not a ‘bad/showy’ crop top but I could see them wanting you to wear something else in case you went on rides and accidentally flashed an 8yo.”

And then there were those who simply thought this was a great way to bag a free shirt at Disney. 

“Except except, now hear me out…FREE EXPENSIVE SHIRT,” joked one, with another commenting, “Wearing a small top so I can get a free shirt.”

The dress code for Disneyland is readily available on its website, and includes a number of rules such as no costumes worn by guests aged 14 or over and no clothing featuring ‘obscene language or graphics’. 

As for Tori, perhaps this rule applies to her outfit: “Clothing which, by nature, exposes excessive portions of the skin that may be viewed as inappropriate for a family environment.”

The t-shirt from the gift shop that Tori was made to change in to.

This appeared to be confirmed by a commenter who said they used to work for the theme park. 

“I used to work there, the rule is that your top can’t have just a string to hold it together if that makes sense so that’s why,” she wrote. 

In response, Tori said: “Yeah the cm was not very sweet about it but maybe she was in a bad mood, the lady who gave me the voucher was nice tho,” adding that there were ‘no hard feelings’. 

Well, at least she got a free tee out of it. 

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@toragrams