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‘Extreme corset wearer’ shocks doctor after admitting to shrinking waist to 16 inches

Rhiannon Ingle

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An 'extreme corset wearer' has left a doctor absolutely stunned after admitting to shrinking her waist to a shocking 16 inches.

Chiropractor Dr Alessandra Colón was left reeling when 47-year-old Sarah Vaeth came into her studio initially complaining about suffering from long-term migraines - which she described as 'ice pick headaches'.

Trying to get to the bottom of what was causing such discomfort, the doctor made the staggering discovery that Sarah had been routinely wearing the super tight-fitting corset for '16 hours a day'.

On an episode of Crack Addicts on TLC, the woman opened up about her history of migraines and told the expert she had been reliant on a 'rescue medication' since 2012 to relieve the pain.


She explained: "I've also had tightness in my jaw and back, the migraines tend to come on with neck pain at the same time."

The chiropractor was totally stunned by the discovery. Credit: TLC
The chiropractor was totally stunned by the discovery. Credit: TLC

When Dr Colón asked Sarah, a visual artist, if there was anything else she needed to know during the consultation.

The woman then revealed she was currently in the process of pursuing a world record.


"I wear a corset, like a modern, steel-boned, waisting-training, cinching corset," she shared.

Clearly taken aback by the reveal, the chiropractor Dr Colón said: "From a doctor's perspective, there's no way that you can't think atrophy, weakness [...] how is that hindering the body?"

The doctor then asked her patient what the 'rationale' was behind her decision to don the waist-synching garment.

"I wear it probably 16 hours a day. At this point, the living record for the smallest corseted waist is 15 inches, and I am down to regularly wearing a comfortable 16 inches," Sarah disclosed.


The doctor then asked Sarah to take off her robe before any physio therapy commenced and was stunned by the size of the woman's waist.

Dr Colón wondered: "Where the hell are the organs?"

The doctor previously explained to her patient: "There's a really big difference between a headache and a migraine.

"Often, chiropractic will be used for intervention with migraines for a lot of reasons, making sure that the blood flow is being restored, circulation is being restored."

The woman said she wears the tight-fitting corset to pursue a 'world record'. Credit: TLC
The woman said she wears the tight-fitting corset to pursue a 'world record'. Credit: TLC

Since the trailer for the episode went live, Sarah has since spoken out to clarify that her intense migraines were not caused by wearing a corset for 16 hours a day, the Daily Star reports.

She commented: "My migraines started in my early 20s. I tried on my first corset when I was 35.

"I don’t wear a corset when I have a migraine because the pressure exacerbates the pain."


Sarah added: "I am only able to wear a corset as often as I do because I’m currently on an effective combination of medications...but I don't love the medications because of the side effects.

"Intriguingly, after getting a chiropractic adjustment, I was able to go for over a month without using triptan [one of the prescribed medicine]."

According to mymed.com, there are plenty of dangers that come with waist training, including damaging internal organs, skin irritation, bruising, breathing problems, which is why a healthcare professional should always be consulted before undergoing extreme waist training.

Crack Addicts is available to stream on TLC.

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Rhiannon Ingle
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