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Woman Stunned After Four Pairs Of River Island Jeans Come In 'Completely Different Sizes'

Woman Stunned After Four Pairs Of River Island Jeans Come In 'Completely Different Sizes'

The mum-of-two claimed that the discrepancies could make shoppers feel body conscious.

A River Island shopper was left in shock when she discovered that the four pairs of size 18 jeans she had ordered from the high street store arrived in 'completely different' sizes.

Zoe Evans, 29, had ordered some new trousers - all size 18 high-waisted straight fit - during an online shopping spree, spending a total of £170 on her purchase.

But when the clothes arrived, Zoe was surprised to see a huge size discrepancy between all four pairs - despite them all sharing the same size label.

Despite forking out around £170 on the order, the mum-of-two claims she didn't even bother trying on the smallest-looking pair and only the largest were true to size.

One River Island shopper was left bitterly disappointed when her jeans order arrived.
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'Frustrated' by the inconsistencies in sizing, Zoe took to Facebook to voice her concern, claiming that this could be particularly upsetting for body conscious women.

The mum-of-two added a 'mind-blowing' photo to her post, which reveals the four pairs of different coloured jeans neatly lined up on her bed with strikingly different-sized waists.

Zoe's post quickly did the rounds on social media, and was met with countless messages of support from other women who had had similar experiences.

One disgusted shopper said that the discrepancies in sizing could be a cause for women going on strict diets, while another claimed that this was why she 'hates' shopping.

Zoe, from Bargoed, Caerphilly, South Wales, said: "They ranged massively. It wasn't even a small difference between each pair - one pair of jeans was half the size of the other.

Zoe Evans was left shocked when she laid out the four pairs of jeans.
Kennedy News and Media

"There's just no way it's a size 18 and I think as lots of people are body conscious it's important to adhere to regulations, especially size regulations because it is very deceiving.

"They were around £45 a pair, so they're not cheap jeans and you'd expect them to be made to a high standard and according to size. I got the size that looked like an 18 on - the biggest size, which I would say is a size 18.

"The other sizes were definitely not, I think. In regards to the picture, it looks as though the sizes are a 12, 14, 16 and 18, but they are all a size 18."

Zoe added that she'd previously worn River Island dresses and tops with no problems but this was her first time buying jeans from the clothing brand.

"It made me feel frustrated. I spent £170 on jeans and only one pair was the actual size that I wanted and fitted, even though they were all apparently a size 18. Lots of people are conscious of size, women particularly are body conscious."

Zoe's post amassed over 210 likes, comments, and shares on Facebook.
Kennedy News and Media

River Island apologised for Zoe's 'disappointing' experience and said all of their products are fitted on a live model and cross-checked for consistency.

A River Island spokesperson said: "We are sorry the customer had a disappointing shopping experience.

"River Island sizing is based on standard body measurements and grading increments which are regularly cross-checked to the latest sizing information, and the wider market to ensure we are aligned.

"All our product is fitted on a live model, reflective of our body measurements and the specifications are set with our suppliers. We regularly review our fit across all product and sizes to verify consistency, and more recently, we have carried out denim-specific fit reviews to ensure we are being as consistent and inclusive as possible."

Featured Image Credit: Kennedy News and Media

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