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People Are Just Discovering Why Jackets Have Shoulder Straps

People Are Just Discovering Why Jackets Have Shoulder Straps

Be honest... did you know this?

People are just now realising that the shoulder straps on their favourite jackets serve an actual purpose - besides fashion - and we can't believe we weren't told about this sooner.

TikTok creator Sidney (@sidneyraz) had thousands of viewers kicking themselves when he shared the frustratingly simple reason most leather jackets carry shoulder straps.

Watch the video here:

It makes perfect sense! And the professionals can back it up too.

According to fashion brand LeatherCult, "the origins of shoulder straps can be traced back to the early to mid-1800s, during which they were used in military uniforms."

The feature allowed soldiers to secure bags and any other gear to their shoulders, keeping them from slipping off.

And the same applies to leather jackets, too!

LeatherCult says that not only are shoulder straps on leather jackets the perfect way to keep your messenger bag fastened to you, but they're also commonly used by motorcycle riders to hold gloves, goggles, or other accessories.

Mind = Blown.

Shoulder straps actually have a purpose and we had no clue! (

It turns out a lot of people were in the dark about this.

In the comment section of Sidney's eye-opening TikTok, viewers expressed their utter shock - and embarrassment - that they hadn't realised this sooner.

"I am almost 31... I did not know this..." commented one follower.

"I ALWAYS WONDERED WHY WE HAD THOSE?!!!" wrote a second.

"Omg thats genius 😳" raved a third.

A fourth viewer complained: "I’ve been letting my tote fall off my shoulders all this time for what?!"

Similarly, a fifth wrote: "Wth 😳 Omg all the purses I've dropped lmao."

Bikers can use shoulder straps to carry their equipment. (

Meanwhile, others shared that they had been using their shoulder straps this way for years - though they admitted they had no idea it was their actual purpose!

"I did it without knowing it was the right way to use it 😱" confessed one viewer.

"Not me thinking I discovered something myself when I was 13. It was designed that way. Bruh" commented a second.

"That's what I been using them for and everyone thought I was crazy!" joked a third.

TikTok really does teach us something new every day!

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@sidneyraz/Pexels

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