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Woman claims men who criticise other men for wearing dresses are scared of being attracted to them

Woman claims men who criticise other men for wearing dresses are scared of being attracted to them

A woman has said men who criticise men who wear dresses are just scared of being attracted to them

A woman who slated men for having a go at other men who wear dresses has claimed the real reason behind their dislike is being scared they're secretly attracted to them.

A number of men have been spotted wearing dresses in recent times and naturally, this has prompted a backlash from certain types because when does someone expressing themselves ever not?

More and more men are giving dress wearing a go, with a number of celebrities turning up to major events wearing them for the simple fact that they want to.

Jonathan Van Ness is known for often wearing - and absolutely rocking - dresses and skirts.

While there's been some backlash to this, there are plenty willing to step up and speak out in defence of guys who decide they want to don a dress on occasion.

Couples where one half is a guy who likes donning a dress from time to time have been trying to explain that wearing a dress doesn't need to say anything about your sexuality or identity, it's just something a guy might like to do on occasion.

And feminist author and commentator Clementine Ford has suggested the reason why certain men have a go at men who wear dresses is due to a fear of being attracted to them or being 'tricked' by them.

She wrote on social media: "Because they so strongly associate make-up and 'feminine' clothes with women, and women are perceived by them to be objects for their consumption, that they fear feeling ATTRACTED to a man they think is presenting in feminine ways. Worse, that they might be TRICKED by one.

A dress on display after being worn by Harry Styles.
Jeff Gilbert / Alamy Stock Photo

"I think at heart, what really scares the cis men threatened by other men unshackling themselves from strict masculine expression isn't the idea that these men are diminishing themselves - it's that they are LIBERATING themselves."

"This reminds men who are yet to do this work of their own emotional oppression. And if embracing things women enjoy and are associated with can mean liberation for men, what does that say about the need many of them have to see women as inferior to them?"

The author argued that if 'lipstick, eyeliner and some fabric' was enough to challenge a man's sense of his own manhood then it was already pretty flimsy in the first place.

At the end of the day, while it's just a bit of stylish fabric that we use to cover our bits and bobs so we're not letting it all hang out in public, clothing is a way for many to express themselves and their own identities.

Clementine Ford has suggested the real reason some men might be scared of a man in a dress was because they might secretly be attracted to them.
Russell Hart / Alamy Stock Photo

Deciding that a certain design of stylish fabric is for guys or girls only is just a societal construct that we have thought up ourselves.

Technically, wearing clothes is also a societal construct but they also serve the practical application of keeping us warm and toasty, so they get a pass for doing that.

Either way, as long as you're keeping yourself within the bounds of decency then wear what you like and stuff anyone who says otherwise, unless you're reading this in a nudist colony in which case feel free to forego clothing and try not to get too chilly out there.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@clementine_ford / ZUMA Press, Inc. / Alamy Stock Photo

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