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It Turns Out We Have Been Pronouncing ASOS Wrong All This Time

It Turns Out We Have Been Pronouncing ASOS Wrong All This Time

That's embarrassing...

We're embarrassed to say that, despite all of the online shopping, we have been pronouncing one famous clothing brand's name wrong this entire time - but we're not the only ones.

It turns out, one of the most commonly mispronounced brand names is that of online retailer ASOS.

For the avoidance of any doubt, here's Leigh-Anne Pinnock showing us the correct way to pronounce ASOS:

Thanks, Leigh!

Yes, according to online language platform Preply, ASOS is among some of the most commonly Googled brands when it comes to pronunciation.

And ASOS have even come out to make sure that their customers were pronouncing the name correctly.

Back in 2019, the brand tweeted: "#UnpopularOpinon It’s pronounced AY-SOS not A-S-O-S."


Had you been saying it right, or did you just learn something new today too?

Preply's findings listed ASOS alongside other names like Adidas, Ellesse, Shein, Ikea, Nutella, Porshe, and Stradivarius as one of the most commonly mispronounced brands.

Let's all just quietly do a Google search to make sure we weren't pronouncing these names wrong too...

Did you pronounce ASOS right? (

If you were pronouncing 'ASOS' wrong, don't feel too bad - it wasn't always called that.

When the fashion brand first launched back in 2000, it was called AsSeenOnScreen and advertised exact copies of clothes and accessories that were seen in film and TV series.

Just two years later, they shortened the name down to ASOS and massively expanded their range, eventually becoming the shop we all know and love today!

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When a photo of the mannequin was posted online, it sparked a tense debate about inclusivity and body positivity.

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Featured Image Credit: Alamy

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