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Mum discovers she's pregnant just hours after husband was tragically killed

Mum discovers she's pregnant just hours after husband was tragically killed

Her husband's mother was also seriously injured in the 'devastating accident'

A woman discovered she was pregnant just hours after her husband was tragically killed in a ‘devastating accident’.

Dad-of-two Jonathan Rodriguez, 23, died after he was accidentally run over when one of his sons climbed into his truck and pulled a faulty gear shift, police explained.

He had been cleaning the yard at his home in Santaquin, Utah, on 6 May, when the vehicle started racing down a slope towards him and his mother Sonia, ‘crushing’ them.

Jonathan Rodriguez.
Facebook/Jonathan Rodriguez

Sadly, he was pronounced dead on the scene, while mum Sonia was airlifted to hospital with serious injuries, where she is still being treated.

Just one day after the tragic death, his wife Daisy Rodriguez was also rushed to the emergency room after suffering what her sister described as ‘complications’.

She then found out she was pregnant with a third child.

The family said the bittersweet news was ‘Jonathan’s last gift’ to his wife, saying he had been an ‘amazing father’ to his first two kids, aged three and five.

Daisy’s sister, Sara Munoz, set up a GoFundMe campaign in Jonathan’s memory, saying he had ‘worked hard to provide his family the beautiful life he had’.

"On May 6th 2023 a devastating accident occurred in the home of my sister Daisy Rodriguez,” she wrote.

“My sister along with her husband and his family were fixing up their backyard, when tragedy struck. While working on the yard, a truck that was parked next to the house rolled backwards towards the yard.”

She said Jonathan and Sonia tried to stop the vehicle rolling down the yard, which sits on the slope, but their efforts saw them ‘crushed by the truck’.

Paramedics tried to resuscitate Jonathan, but he was pronounced dead at the scene.

Daisy Rodriguez.
Facebook/Daisy Rodriguez

Sonia was rushed to hospital due to ‘extensive injuries’ and is currently awaiting multiple surgeries, Sara said.

“Jonathan was 23 years young with a full life of dreams and goals ahead of him,” she continued.

“Those that knew Jonathan know that he was a great husband and an amazing father to his two boys.”

In an update on 7 May, Sarah confirmed her sister was pregnant with a third child, writing: “My sister was admitted to E.R. last night due to some complications.

“After running some tests, She was told she is currently pregnant. Jonathan’s last gift to [my] sister and they didn’t even know it.”

In a later update, she also said Sonia was ‘stable and doing well’ after having a cat scan and MRI.

“There are over five or more broken bones or fractures on the lower half of her body,” Sara explained.

“She had her second surgery today on her top half of the body, and all went well. Sonia has been able to be responsive and communicate with all of us by using sign language, and she surprised us all by doing so.

“All the doctors and nurses say she is so strong for being so responsive and able to communicate her needs, even though she has an endotracheal tube in her mouth and is unable to talk.”

She added that any donations have been ‘more than appreciated’, thanking everyone for their support.

So far, more than $17,000 has been raised for the family.

Featured Image Credit: Facebook

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