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Woman reveals what her luxurious life is like living on £200 million super yachts

Woman reveals what her luxurious life is like living on £200 million super yachts

She opened up about her 'dream' job

I'm sure many of us would trade in our regular lives at the drop of a hat to turn your everyday living situation into a full-time holiday.

Well, for the lucky people in this world, it seems this is actually very much so a real possibility after one woman revealed what her luxurious life is like living on £200 million super yachts.

Violetta first start working on a board a colossal 100m super yacht and, some 13 years later, she's now worked her way up to managing very own spa upon the vessel.

The Aussie leads a pretty chill existence - spending the first half of her days teaching Pilates in a stunning gym, where just one piece of equipment is worth a staggering £5,000, while the second half sees her massaging clients in a relaxing spa.

Gushing about her 'dream' job, she said on the Seaworthy Stew podcast: "I get to use some of the best equipment in the world, and more importantly, I get to teach people that are 100 percent there for Pilates."

Violetta's job has been able to take her to a whole bunch of fabulous places from Croatia all the way through to the Caribbean.

Sounds like a pretty good set up if you ask me.

Talking of luxury living, one particularly avid cruiser has opened up about his experiences living on a cruise ship for 23 years.

Mario Salcedo, who hails from Cuba, has been sailing the seas for over two straight decades now.

cloudytronics / Getty Images

However, with such a commitment to the cause, you may be shocked to know Mario didn't always intend to live that lifestyle.

"When I hit 45, I wanted to start a new chapter in my life traveling around the world—that was my vision," he told Condé Nast Traveller.

"But I didn’t know about the logistics, whether air, train, or sea."

He tried-and-tested different cruise lines before finally booking a spot on Royal Caribbean’s Voyager of the Seas.

"It was the biggest cruise ship in the world at the time, and so revolutionary—the first ice skating rink, the first rock climbing wall, so many elements that took cruising to another dimension," he recalled.

Since then, Mario has not stepped foot on another line and has been on around 900 individual cruises just with Royal Caribbean.

Talking about the Royal Caribbean, Mario - who has since been nicknamed 'Super Mario' on board - gushed: "Nothing could lure me away from them, because I get treated like royalty.

"The captains all know me."

Featured Image Credit: cloudytronics/Getty Images/Nevena1987/Getty Images

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