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Cruise ship myths debunked by expert

Cruise ship myths debunked by expert

A cruise expert has debunked all the myths that may have stopped you booking one in the past

A cruise expert has debunked a number of myths that you may have heard about holidaying at sea, including a number that might have stopped you booking a trip in the past.

Many of us have contemplated a cruise holiday before now, but there are some things that stop the average UK family from booking one over their usual all-inclusive hotel.

They can be amazing fun, with your accommodation, food, drink, entertainment and travel all rolled into one package.

But they seem to have a couple of downsides, especially if you get easily seasick or don't do well with crowds.

Well you needn’t worry, as Gordon Nardini from Ambassador Cruise Line has debunked a bunch of things you could be unsure about.

Talking to the Mirror, he said: “Rather than enduring a stressful travel day, you can arrive at the port at your allotted time, check through security painlessly, get your bags delivered to your cabin and be onboard eating, watching shows, sharing a drink with friends or sleeping in comfort as you head towards the first destination.”

Have you ever been tempted by a cruise?

After all, 35.7 million people are expected to step foot on a ship in 2024, so let’s see what all the fuss is about…

More hassle than flying?

This expert argues the opposite!

One of the best parts about cruise ships is that there are none of those annoying luggage rules we all hate to abide by.

Nardini said: “On a cruise holiday there are no restrictions on liquids.

“No more losing your favourite moisturiser or chugging two litres of water as you approach the security check-in."

We can definitely get on-board with that!

Limited food and drink

If there is one thing you probably won’t be short of on a cruise, it’s going to be the choice of food and drink.

Nardini explained: "From gourmet dining to casual buffets, the variety of restaurants on board a cruise ship means guests will always find something they’re in the mood for."

He added that the 'ease of not having to think about cooking' is also one of 'the best parts of a holiday', and that with cruising that goes 'even further, with delicious dishes to suit all tastes'.


A very valid concern if you get easily seasick, but the expert says that the cruises are actually designed with these people in mind!

The structure is built to reduce the likeness of seasickness, but of course it can still occur.

“After a day or two, the majority of cruisers find their sea legs," Nardini said.

“Bodies are intelligent and extremely adaptable, meaning they keep us feeling happy and ready-to-holiday when at sea.”

One cruise expert has argued there's something for everyone.
Barry Winiker/Getty Images

Lack of privacy

According to Nardini, while it might seem like you'd constantly be surrounded by hordes of people, cruising actually offers 'plenty of secluded spots for you to squirrel away', even on small and mid-sized ships - from 'quiet spots around the pool, reading a book in an on-board library to your private balcony'.

Cruises aren't for me

Finally, while cruises are often associated with retired couples, Nardini believes they offer 'something for everyone', whether you're a 'solo explorer, an avid adventurer or a couch potato'.

"The beauty of cruising lies in the freedom to choose: immerse yourself in off-the-beaten-path in-destination adventures, such as exploring Norway's charming fjords or the walled city of Santiago de Compostela, engage in onboard activities like engaging talks from subject experts, cinema screenings, exercise classes, or craft workshops, or simply unwind in your cabin and enjoy the breathtaking balcony views," he said, arguing that they can work for single travellers, families, couples and groups of friends.

"There’s something on and off board for everyone where nothing is compulsory," Nardini added.

Featured Image Credit: Gary D Ercole/Barry Winiker/Getty Images

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