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'Cruise obsessed' couple who got engaged, married and honeymooned on ships say they’ll never holiday on land again

'Cruise obsessed' couple who got engaged, married and honeymooned on ships say they’ll never holiday on land again

The couple have travelled on nine cruises since 2019

Cruises are fast-becoming one of the most popular travel trends of 2024.

Those who sailed the seas before might already be familiar with the thrill of having the entire world at your feet as a passenger of this all-in-one transport/accommodation vessel.

And with flights sky-rocketing in price and accommodation expenses on the up, it's no wonder that more and more holiday-makers are considering choosing cruise vacations over standard vacations.

And for one couple - who got engaged, tied the knot AND honeymooned on a cruise ship - they'll never choose lengthy airport security queues, overcrowded flights and bank breaking b&b's again.

Worcestershire-born couple Elliot Adderley-Bateman, 29, and Mark Adderley-Bateman, 31, first met at a bar in Leicester on January 19 2019 after connecting on Tinder.

Within seven months, the duo embarked on their first overseas holiday together, sailing around the Mediterranean on a Princess Cruises ship, something which was 'exciting and entirely different' for resourcing business partner Elliot.

"For us, cruising is about spending time with one another," he later told press. "When we’re both so busy with work, we don’t necessarily get to spend that quality time together."

The couple have been on nine cruises.
PA Real Life

“It’s just the perfect opportunity to watch the ocean, really relax, have a drink, and just watch the world go by.

"I think there’s something so beautiful about waking up in the morning and just seeing ocean. To me, that’s just amazing, it’s so serene and calming."

After first getting a taste of sublime relaxation, being transported to the world's hidden gems and tourist hotspots in the comfort of their cabin, the couple went on to book a total of nine cruises together - and even have four more in the pipeline at the minute.

Falling increasing in love with one another - and life on the seas - Elliot continually dropped hints for Mark to propose during one of their vacations, including leaving wedding brochures on the coffee table.

And when the moment to propose finally did roll around, accountant Mark teamed up with the Enchanted Princess team to plan the big day.

On day nine of a trip which kicked off in Miami, Mark suggested going to grab a cocktail from the downstairs bar before dinner to see the sunset.

Elliot explained why he and Mark find cruising so special.
PA Real Life

Walking down the stairs, Elliot was met by a photographer, before Mark got down on one knee, telling him: "I loved you yesterday, I love you today, and I’ll love you tomorrow. Will you marry me?"

Following the sweet moment, the couple say the knew instantly that they'd need to tie to knot on a cruise as well.

The pair exchanged vows in a black and white themed soiree held on Sky Princess in 2023, in between Guernsey and La Rochelle.

Petals were sprinkled down the aisle, violinists played at the balcony and the captain even managed to schedule in a stop in Italy, so that the newlyweds could purchase their favourite bottle of Italian red wine, Valpolicella.

"I don’t even think words would do it justice," Elliot later gushed. "We had an expectation in mind, we’d sailed with Princess a few times up to this point, but we had no idea how breathtaking it would actually be.

"It was just the most surreal but most beautiful experience. It’s such a beautiful thing, I think, marrying your soulmate at sea."

The couple tied the knot between Guernsey and La Rochelle.
PA Real Life

Mark went on: "The only word I can say is fantastic. We knew it was going to be good, but I don’t think we could have ever imagined what ‘good’ would look like in that circumstance.

"Details like the specially printed menu cards for the wedding breakfast table that had every guest’s name on it, and the way they coordinated it, so we didn’t see each other before we met at the altar, it was just wonderful."

The loved-up couple went on to celebrate their honeymoon on - surprise, surprise - ANOTHER cruise, around the Canary Islands, relaxing by the pool, visiting numerous on-board restaurants and experiencing the 'best views'.

But when it comes to what exactly it is about cruises that has kept them coming back year upon year, they claim it's the friendly and welcoming attitude that cruises present towards LGBTQ+ couples.

"Part of the reason why we love cruising so much is every day is a new adventure, and I think, for us, that’s why we wouldn’t do a land holiday again," Elliot said.

The pair exchanged vows in a gorgeous ceremony.
PA Real Life

"We always say when we go on board a Princess ship in particular, we feel like we’re going home. We know what to expect, we know that we’re going to get a fantastic time.

"And as an LGBT couple, it’s a very safe space for us – it gives us an opportunity to dance together, hold hands, things that perhaps in some of the countries we’re visiting wouldn’t be allowed.

"It gives you an opportunity to see those beautiful places, but in a safe way."

Featured Image Credit: PA Real life

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