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Shoppers break into brawls as they fight for Boxing Day bargains

Shoppers break into brawls as they fight for Boxing Day bargains

Police say they found a member of staff with a head injury

We all know how heated it can get while shopping in the Boxing Day sales, however, tensions seemingly boiled over as police were forced to address an 'altercation' at a shop in London.

Two women were reportedly forced apart after an ugly fight broke out at Pull&Bear in Oxford Street.

Footage below shows one woman attempting to hit the other with a metal clothing rail:

The video of the brawl surfaced on TikTok and it showed a member of staff intervening in the fight.

Police say they found a member of staff with a head injury, but he was able to continue with work after declining medical assistance.

There are yet to be any arrests.


A Met Police spokesperson told Tyla: "Police were called at 18:10hrs on Monday, 26 December to reports of an altercation at a shop in Oxford Street.

"Officers found a member of staff with a head injury.

"He declined medical assistance and continued his work.

"There have been no arrests.

"Enquiries are ongoing."

Tyla has contacted Pull&Bear for comment.


Well - just like that - Christmas is over and it seems that supermarkets are already thinking about Easter.

Shocked shoppers have been sharing Easter egg pics from supermarket shelves - despite the holiday being over three months away.

Early deals on Easter treats including Galaxy caramel eggs, Lindt and Cadbury chocolate bunnies, as well as two for £1 deals on creme eggs, can be found at many high street supermarkets as Christmas chocolate is reduced or wiped from the shelves now Christmas Day is over.

One savvy shopper shared: "I joked with some shelf stackers about Easter eggs in Morrisons the other day and they laughed and said that the first five boxes were already in the warehouse. True story."

Easter chocolate came in as early as Christmas Eve.

A second customer described it as 'commercialism at its best' whilst a third teased: "Tis the season for Easter chocolate (even though Christmas chocolate is reduced opposite)."

Another explained that Easter deliveries can arrive as early as 15 December: "I did some HGV driving for them 2 years ago - we were delivering Easter eggs to store mid December so I guess you'll be fine."

One commenter thought: "Not Sainsburys putting out easter eggs on f****n Christmas Eve".

Someone else added: "There you go people, Morrisons selling Easter eggs on Boxing Day."

"Easter eggs are in the shops, lads," another wrote.

Featured Image Credit: bics_cucx/TikTok

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