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Sainsbury’s Has Banned Fireworks To Stop Animals Getting Distressed

Sainsbury’s Has Banned Fireworks To Stop Animals Getting Distressed

Sainsbury's has officially announced it will no longer sell fireworks in its 2,300 stores.

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

We love fireworks night as much as the next person. The toffee apples, the cups of hot chocolate, the ugly wellies and big wooly jumpers...

But one thing easy to forget is that the loud bangs and flashing lights can be extremely distressing for animals.

So, we think it's no bad thing that Sainsbury's has now ceased selling fireworks in all of its 2,300 branches.

Confirming the move, the supermarket said: "Fireworks are no longer available in our stores but customers can continue to choose from a range of seasonal products, such as glow sticks and light up spinning wands."

Sainsbury's first announced the news on Twitter after one pet owner took to the social media platform to thank them for banning all fireworks from their Stanmore store.

She wrote: "Been informed my local branch in Stanmore won't be selling fireworks this year due to the distress it causes our pets & wildlife.

"Can't thank you enough as my dog is beside herself with fear at these times." [sic]

As shoppers responded in their masses praising the store for the decision, its official Twitter account replied: "Thanks! We won't be selling fireworks in any of our stores this year. Hope this helps!"

Firworks can often leave animals distressed (

The decision is one that is sure to go down well with animal charities and campaigners alike.

Recently, the RSPCA called for stronger restrictions on fireworks, warning: "Around 40 percent of dogs are fearful of loud noises such as fireworks, which alone means thousands of animals are affected by unplanned and random fireworks each year.

"Sadly it's not just household pets that are affected by fireworks. Farm animals are easily frightened by loud noises and sudden flashes of bright light, which can startle and cause them to injure themselves on fencing and farm equipment.

"Wildlife, like hedgehogs, are also at risk of being burnt alive after making their homes in bonfires."

The RSPCA warn farm animals could also be distressed (

Following the announcement, people have begun calling for other supermarkets to follow suit.

"Congratulations to @sainsburys on joining the ban of fireworks! A bold move that other stores need to follow. *Organised display fireworks only!*," one person wrote.

While another added: "Well done @sainsburys. I dread this time of year for Our poor wildlife, animals & also dogs on the streets!! Let's hope the great action of Sainsbury's will catch on around other stores!"

A third agreed: "@sainsburys Well done for the total ban on selling fireworks! We have two out of three dogs who are absolutely petrified when they hear them even in the distance. I hope other stores will follow your example!"

Following the new push, Tyla contacted Waitrose, Tesco, Aldi, Lidl, Morrisons and Asda for comment on their future plans.

In response, Waitrose and Tesco both confirmed they will still be selling fireworks this year.

Meanwhile, Asda said that it was also taking measures to make fireworks less traumatic for animals, but wouldn't be going ahead with a total ban.

"We know that many of our customers love fireworks, but we also know that some customers and their pets don't like the noise, which is why this year we have launched a collection of low noise fireworks so that everyone can still enjoy the show," a store representative said.

Aldi commented: "We understand the importance of animal welfare when celebrating with fireworks, which is why our sales materials include reminders that pets should be kept safe indoors along with advice on how to make them feel secure."

Morrisons and Lidl are still yet to respond.

Featured Image Credit: Unsplash

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