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Cruel Breeders Have Been Cutting Tiny Dogs' Vocal Cords To Stop Them Barking

Cruel Breeders Have Been Cutting Tiny Dogs' Vocal Cords To Stop Them Barking

The dogs were part of an illegal dog trafficking scheme that was trying to stay undercover.

Lauren Bell

Lauren Bell

Police in Spain have just rescued hundreds of caged dogs who had cruelly had their vocal cords cut out to stop them from barking.

The poor pups, were found in two raids on the outskirts of Madrid that was hoping to crack down on puppy farming and dog trafficking.

They found in total 270 dogs - mostly Chihuahuas and Pomeranians - which were being held in extremely unhygienic conditions.

Two dogs were found dead, frozen and wrapped in newspaper and many were horrifyingly discovered with their vocal cords cut out - something that may have been done to stifle noise in a bid to keep the puppy farm from being discovered, according to authorities.

The procedure is commonly known as debarking or bark softening.

The pups were found trapped in cages (
CEN/National Police)

It sounded as though the dogs were kept in a sort of production line, with basements of the two homes in Meco and Arganda del Rey split into three main areas for breeding, sales and those ready to breed.

A police spokesperson said: "Some dogs had a very attenuated bark. After performing the appropriate tests, it was found that they had undergone a cordectomy-section of the vocal cords.

"The procedure was carried out possibly so that they did not bark and not alert neighbours to the existence of an illegal hatchery."

Two were found dead and frozen in newspaper (
CEN/National Police)

Police believe the illegal operation has made over two million euros (approximately £1.7million).

Since the raid, five people, including two vets, have been arrested and have been accused of being members of a dog trafficking gang operating in Europe.

The vets reportedly gave the operation an air of legitimacy as they fitted dogs with microchips, and provided stamped certificates.

All suspects have reportedly been released on bail.

The dogs were found in unhygienic conditions (
CEN/National Police)

Thankfully, the poor doggos have now been confiscated and are being cared for by animal protection groups, waiting judicial decision as to what will be done with them.

Please let them be rescued.

Featured Image Credit: Pexels

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