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Investigation underway after child abductor is hired as cleaner at hospital

Investigation underway after child abductor is hired as cleaner at hospital

An investigation is underway by a Dublin hospital after a convicted child abductor started working there

An investigation is underway after a convicted child abductor was able to pass Garda vetting and hired as a cleaner at a Dublin hospital.

A report found that Mater Hospital in the city hired the convicted criminal, who was previously jailed for five years for multiple crimes such as possessing child abuse imagery and child abduction.

Constantin Maxim, 48, managed to pass Garda checks - a process that anyone who works with children or vulnerable adults must go through to check whether that person has a criminal record or any other reason that would mean they are a risk to people at their place at work.

Obviously, the Garda vetting did not exactly do its job, as Maxim managed to get the job and work as a cleaner at the hospital.

The child abductor was hired as a cleaner at the hospital.
Yuriy Klochan / Alamy Stock Photo

The hospital says that an external company interviewed and appointed Maxim, and they were also the ones behind the Garda vetting.

The cleaner is no longer working at the hospital as investigations into his appointment get underway.

A spokesperson for Mater Hospital told Dublin Live that the convicted child abductor 'was not employed directly by the hospital and we were not aware of the details of this case'.

She added: "However, we can confirm that the company in which he was employed had followed all processes required for any individual to work onsite at the Mater, including Garda vetting.

"When the allegations came to light, the external contracting company removed the individual from the hospital while due process was followed.

"Given the seriousness of the crimes involved, the Mater Hospital is examining the issue further."

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for Garda Síochána, the national police service for Ireland, told Dublin Live: "A Garda Siochana cannot provide details of or comment on the personal information of any named individual.

Mater Hosptial says it did not employ the cleaner directly.
KarlMPhotography / Alamy Stock Photo

"Vetting is carried out in accordance with the National Vetting Bureau (Children and Vulnerable Persons) Act 2012."

Tyla has reached out to Mater Hospital for comment.

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