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Teenage girl fighting for life in hospital after 'catching E. coli from food at Christmas market'

Teenage girl fighting for life in hospital after 'catching E. coli from food at Christmas market'

Her family called the situation an 'absolute nightmare'

A teenage girl has been left fighting for life in hospital after 'catching E. coli from food sold at a Christmas market.'

Antonia, who hails from Buckinghamshire, has been in intensive care in hospital for the last few weeks after what her family has called an 'absolute nightmare'.

The 17-year-old had 'multiple operations and procedures', including the removal of a section of her bowel, before it was found that she had likely contracted STEC-HUS.


STEC-HUS is caused by e-coli O157 which affects one to three people out of 100,000 and Antonia is suspected to have come into contact with it from a Christmas market in Great Missenden, subsequently causing her kidneys to fail and to be put on dialysis.

Antonia's older sister, Jemima Hay, revealed the tragic situation has left their family 'broken' and she's since set up a GoFundMe page to help raise funds for her Antonia's future.

"She is currently lucky to be alive and has continued to show amazing determination and strength throughout this time, despite the immense stress, pain and trauma - all combined with an extreme phobia of injections," Jemima wrote.

"She is the youngest person to ever be admitted into the ICU ward she is currently in."

Jemima described her younger sister as 'the most kind, caring, outgoing person and lights up any room she walks into', before adding: "Despite going through the toughest time in her life, all she has cared about is everybody else and how they are feeling, still trying to make everybody laugh."

She said the ordeal will impact Antonia 'for the rest of her life and as a singer, dancer and aspiring actress'.


"It is important that we support her through everything, as she feels as if her dreams have been ripped away from her, as her studies on her performing arts course will be severely impacted," Jemima added.

"It is thanks to the kindness of her friends and family and support from people in the community that she has made it this far and will continue to stay strong."

She added that her parents have been at Antonia' hospital bedside 'all day everyday' which has consequently left them 'unable to work'.

The sister carried on: "My dad’s job are not paying him for any time off, so we currently have no income, which is creating further stress on our family at this really difficult time, when we are trying to be strong for my sister.

She later uploaded a follow-up to the fundraiser, telling people that after two weeks in intensive care, a transfer to another hospital, multiple operations, procedures and a blood transfusion, Antonia was allowed to come home temporarily for Christmas Day.

However, she had to return back to hospital for further dialysis treatment on Boxing Day - due to her kidney failure.

"She has improved immensely over the last couple of days and we hope this will continue," Jemima concluded.

You can donate to the GoFundMe here.

Featured Image Credit: GoFundMe

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