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Woman says she's 'lucky to be alive' after pet dog died in 'horrifying' dog attack

Woman says she's 'lucky to be alive' after pet dog died in 'horrifying' dog attack

Elle Booth thought the dogs were going to kill her as they tore 'chunks' out of her pet

The owner whose pet dog died in a ‘horrifying’ dog attack says she’s ‘lucky to be alive’ herself after trying to save them.

Aussie Elle Booth was walking her Jack Russell terrier Indi at Boggy Well Creek in Sydney’s south on 9 July when the terrifying ordeal took place.

The owner and her four-legged best friend were attacked by two dogs.

NSW Police Chief Inspector Paul Callaghan said Indi fled into the Georges River to hide, with Booth desperately following her.

But they both ended up stuck in the mud and the two Irish crosses attacked them.

Sadly, despite surgery for critical injuries, little Indi passed away.

Booth also needed surgery after suffering several injuries to her face, neck, arms, hands and legs as she tried to save her pup.

Indi died after the 'terryfying' attack in the river.

She has now recalled the scary experience to 7NEWS, in which she said: “I thought that I was going to die. I thought those dogs were going to kill me, and they did kill my little dog.

“It was heartbreaking. She was killed in my arms.”

Booth had specifically moved to the Sydney suburb recently for its location near the Georges River so the dog could explore the area on their daily walks.

Her husband, Tom Dale, also said: “I think she was down there for about 25 minutes in the mud fending these two dogs off.

“They were circling her, which is pretty intense, coming in and taking chunks of out Indi and out of her.”

A local was luckily there at the time and called the police immediately after realising what nightmare was happening.

The owner of the two attacking dogs was also there with a hunting whistle, but apparently gave no help as Booth called out for help.

“I saw him run off and I assumed he was running to get help. I felt relieved after that,” she said.

Elle needed surgery after the dog attack.

Inspector Callaghan said that when they arrived, police and fire rescue teams were met by two ‘aggressive’ dogs, with the officers having to use pepper spray on them.

He said: “It’s an absolutely terrifying circumstance for a lady by herself and her small dog.”

Booth added: “I genuinely am lucky to be alive. If they had decided to attack me, I could’ve died.”

The dogs she so desperately tried to fend off from Indi were seized and investigations are ongoing as police search for their owner.

Booth said: “I hope he takes responsibility for what’s happened to my dog and what’s happened to me.”

Georges River Council are asking for witnesses to come forward in order to help with their investigation into this ‘terrifying’ attack.

A GoFundMe has also been set up to help support Booth with Indi’s outstanding vet bills - if you'd like to donate, you can do so here.

Featured Image Credit: 7NEWS

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