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The exact date you should take a meter reading before the next price hike

The exact date you should take a meter reading before the next price hike

You need to make a note of this date or risk being overcharged for your energy bill

Energy bills in the UK are soaring, and they are set to increase again in October, pulling on the pursestrings of many already struggling individuals.

Now, the exact date when you should take a meter reading before the next scheduled hike - which could take the price cap to a whopping £3,359 - has been revealed.

As reported by analysts at Cornwall Insight, prices for a typical domestic customer could increase again in January of 2023 to an even higher £3,616.

To put the scale of the increase into context, the typical bill in October 2021 was £1,400 a year.

This is why it's so important to take a meter reading to avoid being overcharged for any energy used before the October hike.

Check your meter to avoid being overcharged.
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You need to make sure you take a meter reading on September 30.

This was revealed by Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis ahead of the April increase.

He said: "That way you draw a line in the sand that says to your energy firm, I've only used this amount at the cheaper rate.

"Don't start charging me more on the higher rate and estimating I use some of it afterwards."

Energy regulator Ofgem will clarify exactly how much prices are increasing by on 26 August.

Ofgem chief executive Jonathan Brearley said: "I know this situation is deeply worrying for many people.

"As a result of Russia's actions, the volatility in the energy markets we experienced last winter has lasted much longer, with much higher prices than ever before. And that means the cost of supplying electricity and gas to homes has increased considerably.

"The trade-offs we need to make on behalf of consumers are extremely difficult and there are simply no easy answers right now."

Inflation is at its highest level since 1982.
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With the hike set to plunge many people into poverty, some are pledging to cancel their direct debits to their energy providers in October.

The campaign is called Don't Pay UK, and it has a petition as well as a Twitter account with almost 100K followers.

The Don't Pay movement said: "We demand the govt scrap the energy price rises and deliver affordable energy for all. We will build a million pledges and by Oct 1st if the govt and energy companies fail to act we will cancel our direct debits."

Attention was first drawn to the movement by Martin Lewis in July when the Don't Pay UK Twitter account had close to 5K followers.

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