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Megan Barton-Hanson Breaks Down On Camera As She Reveals Reality Of Break-Up

Megan Barton-Hanson Breaks Down On Camera As She Reveals Reality Of Break-Up

The reality star shared an emotional video as she arrived home to her new "empty flat" as she brands ex, Wes Nelson, 'the one'.

Amelia Jones

Amelia Jones

Reality TV star Megan Barton-Hanson broke down in tears on Tuesday as she shared that she feels "sad and alone" following her split from Love Island beau, Wes Nelson, two weeks ago.

Megan recorded herself relaxing under her covers in a dark room in the early hours of the morning as she detailed her split from the Dancing On Ice star.

She explained tearfully: "So, I've never done this before, like posted anything when I'm feeling really really cr*p, but I always preach about mental health, not just showing your highlights on Instagram.

"It's been a really tough few weeks, and I've been filming for like two days solid, so my mind's been constantly busy.

"And, now I've come back to this new flat I've moved into alone, and it's just sad to like come back to like complete silence, and I dunno."

The Love Island star branded her ex "the one" and said that she just wanted to "share her life with someone else".


She said: "I longed for a boyfriend or a partner for years before I went on Love Island, and then I finally found that - I thought I'd found 'the one' so it's just difficult.

"And I know everyone's like 'you need to be happy in yourself and love yourself', and I do, and that's what's sad.

"I feel like I'm at such a place in my life that I'm so content and happy that I just wanna be able to share these memories and create a little life and an empire with someone else.

"But yeh I just thought I'd share because everyone always puts on like the best nights going out or like when they're in Harrods buying a new pair of shoes or like their holiday at a beach club.

"But this is real life and I'm so blessed I've had such an amazing time since I left the villa but there re always going to be times when you feel alone and sad and I just wanted to share with you like it's not all happiness and 100 per cent positivity all of the time."

She the said she was going to meditate, go to sleep and then go to the gym.

Her outpouring of emotion comes after Wes insisted he still loves Megan and denied rumours of a romance between himself and his Dancing On Ice partner, Vanessa Bauer.

Wes said that he "struggled to cope" after the breakup, but that, however sad, the split was "amicable".

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Megan Barton-Hanson

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