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Awkward Moment Duchess Of Cambridge Is 'Blanked' On Jamaican Tour

Awkward Moment Duchess Of Cambridge Is 'Blanked' On Jamaican Tour

That's a bit awkward...

Ali Condon

Ali Condon

Royal fans couldn't help but giggle when they caught the awkward moment when Kate Middleton was 'blanked' by a guest of her welcome ceremony during the Duke and Duchess of Cambridges' Caribbean tour.

The royal couple arrived in Kingston, Jamaica this morning as part of their tour after departing Belize.

During the welcome ceremony on Wednesday, Kate sat beside former Miss World turned politician Lisa Hanna, and it appeared that the encounter might have been rather awkward. Watch here:

Although it's clear that Lisa Hanna didn't intentionally snub the Duchess, those who caught the interaction on camera admitted they felt "second hand embarrassment" after watching.

"Yikes!!! The embarrassment!" wrote one amused fan.

"Oh damn I just felt a huge second hand embarrassment," tweeted a second.

Lisa Hanna is a member of the People's National Party, who have collectively made it clear that they want to see Jamaica "become free of the monarchy."

Kate and Will are in Jamaica this week. (

However, following her perplexing interaction with Kate at the welcome ceremony, Lisa shared a post to Instagram about her meeting with the Cambridges, claiming that they had "a very interactive and pleasant conversation throughout the proceedings."

She continued: "There's no doubt at this time that we all seek our true independence and want to develop systems & strategies where we become free from the monarchy. But until then we will always remain a courteous and respectful country.

"I am a firm believer in reparations and as such when I was Minister of Youth and Culture I led the reparations committee which made strides in developing submissions to Britain which examined the economic cost of slavery to our country.

"I welcome them wholeheartedly with our warm hospitality, and look forward to us having productive discussions about our future.

There have been major protests in Jamaica ahead of the Cambridges' royal visit, as it comes in the midst of a national debate over whether to sever ties with the monarchy 60 years after the country gained its independence.

People are calling for the Queen to be dropped as head of state, and for a formal acknowledgement of the "blood, tears and sweat" of slaves that royals benefitted from in the past.

Protestors gathered today outside the British High Commission in Kingston with placards that read messages like "Kings, queens, princes and Princesses belong in fairytales, not in Jamaica."

After their stop in Jamaica, Kate and William will move on to the Bahamas before returning home.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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