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Dani Dyer Hits Back At Mummy-Shamers After Receiving 'Mad' Number Of Private Messages From Strangers

Dani Dyer Hits Back At Mummy-Shamers After Receiving 'Mad' Number Of Private Messages From Strangers

Dani said she'd been receiving 'mad' amounts of DMs since becoming a mum.

Lucy Devine

Lucy Devine

Dani Dyer has hit back at mum shamers after admitting it was "mad" how many private messages she was getting from some Instagram followers.

Dani, 24 - who welcomed baby Santiago last month - posted a snap yesterday wearing her new baby sling. Convinced some followers would have something to say about it, she added: "My beautiful boy wants a lot of mummy cuddles at the minute.

"Before the sling police start it's my first time using it."

Dani posted a snap wearing her new baby sling (
Dani Dyer/Instagram)

Loyal followers were quick to support Dani, with one person commenting: "People should just focus on themselves! The fact that you have to even write it there as a 'pre-caution' is ridiculous."

While another said: "Sling police :joy: F what other think. You're doing a great job, Mumma. It's all about learning about one another!"

And one added: "It's a shame you have to explain using the sling. Its nobodies business what you do with your baby. Everyone is different."

Loyal followers were quick to support Dani (
Dani Dyer/Instagram)

Earlier this month, Dani was forced to defend herself after she was inundated with messages from followers accusing her of dressing Santiago in too many layers.

"Also before anyone gets upset, it's mad now the amount of DMs I get as a new mum, from the mums and stuff," Dani said.

"My child was not in the car in his outfit, okay? In the pram so whatever you wanna call it... He just goes on walks with that outfit on. I'm not going to overheat my child, don't worry about it."

And the trolling started even before Dani welcomed her little one, with the Love Island star telling dad Danny Dyer on their Sorted podcast: "They were saying I was going to be a terrible mother. They were calling me vulgar, saying 'she doesn't deserve happiness'. Why don't I? I wanted to sob my heart out. It hurts."

Dani welcomed baby Santiago last month (
Dani Dyer/Instagram)

We think Dani is doing incredibly - don't these trolls have anything better to do?!

Featured Image Credit: Dani Dyer/Instagram

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