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29-year-old woman dies after suffering four cardiac arrests during liposuction procedure on knee

29-year-old woman dies after suffering four cardiac arrests during liposuction procedure on knee

She suffered four cardiac arrests

A woman has died following a cosmetic surgery procedure, leaving people shocked all over the globe.

Brazilian influencer, Luana Andrade, tragically passed away after suffering four cardiac arrests following a liposuction procedure on her knee.

The 29-year-old influencer's cause of death was listed as a pulmonary embolism following fatal complications during the surgery which was performed by a private doctor and anaesthetist hired by Luana's family in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Brazilian influencer, Luana Andrade, suffered four cardiac arrests following knee liposuction surgery.

Now, if you're anything like me, you probably didn't know that knee liposuction was even a thing.

Well, it 100 percent is and involves the removal of fat deposits from the inner part of the knee which is commonly done in conjunction with liposuction of the thighs to achieve a more contoured look.

The procedure is usually performed under local anaesthesia and involves minimal downtime, pain, bleeding and swelling.

However, it's clear the surgery comes with some pretty major risks.

Dr. Diovane Ruaro - a plastic surgeon and president of the Brazilian College of Plastic Surgery - told Brazilian news outlet, Metropoles, that Luana was in seemingly good health before the surgery commenced.

The 29-year-old was reportedly in good health before the procedure.

"An adequate pre-operative procedure was carried out, however, unfortunately, this fatality occurred, which saddens us," Ruaro said.

"In fact, plastic surgeries, including liposuction, can have uneventful and, occasionally, fatal complications."

São Luiz Hospital said: "The surgery was interrupted and the patient underwent tests that revealed massive thrombosis.

"She was transferred to the ICU where she underwent medication and hemodynamic treatment."

Luana, who worked as a model and also owned her own clothing brand, Lukand, went into cardiac arrest about two and a half hours after the surgery and was later pronounced dead around 5:30am Tuesday (7 November).

Dr Eduardo Teixeira from the Brazilian College of Plastic Surgery told the news outlet: "There is no risk-free surgery, nor any medical procedure that does not involve some type of risk, especially when it is a surgical procedure."

Luana's boyfriend, Joao Hadad, has posted a heartfelt tribute to his late girlfriend.

Luana and her grieving boyfriend, Joao Hadad, appeared in the reality show, Power Couple Brasil 6, which aired last year.

Joao has since posted a heartfelt tribute to his late girlfriend of two years on Instagram.

"I am torn apart and living my biggest nightmare. A part of me left," he penned.

"We built a beautiful story and lived our dreams intensely," Joao added. "In addition to being a girlfriend, you are and will always be a partner beyond life, my love.

"You are my light, princess. I ask that you continue to watch over me and all of us from above. I will always love you, from now until eternity!"

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@luandradel

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