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ASDA Praised By Shoppers For Offering All Kids £1 Hot Meals This Summer

ASDA Praised By Shoppers For Offering All Kids £1 Hot Meals This Summer

ASDA's new scheme has been met with huge praise

Leading supermarket chain ASDA has been met with buckets of praise from the public after announcing its new scheme to provide children with £1 hot meals over the summer holidays.

As the cost of living crisis worsens across the UK, and the government continues to crumble, ASDA has taken it upon itself to feed children aged 16 and under for no more than £1.

As part of the summer holidays initiative, available seven days a week, there will be no minimum adult spend required.

ASDA is offering £1 hot meals to children this summer.

Not only does the initiative grant children with either a hot or cold meal, but pouches of Ella's Kitchen baby food will also be available for smaller tots.

Speaking on the new scheme, an ASDA spokesperson said in a statement: "We know that families can find the summer holidays tough, and our customers are telling us that this year more than ever, they’re concerned about holiday hunger.

"With that in mind, we are so pleased to be able to offer children’s meals for just £1, with no minimum adult spend, to ensure that those who would normally rely on a school meal aren’t left without."

Upon hearing the news of ASDA's new £1 meal initiative, pleased customers took to social media to praise the supermarket giant.

The meals will be available in ASDA cafes.

"I’m genuinely impressed to see this. No minimum adult spend. Good on Asda," wrote one Twitter user.

"Where can we send money to sponsor families who can’t afford the £1?" asked another eager tweeter. "This is an initiative I can get behind. Hopefully other big supermarkets will help too!"

"That's amazing. Well done @asda", tweeted a third.

"How wonderful @asda allowing children under 16 to eat for £1 with no minimum adult spend throughout summer," commented a fourth.

"All day, every day to help with the cost of living stress that families are facing, and they give 10% discount to Emergency Service workers @asda you are my hero of the day."

A fifth shared: "While the government is in chaos, many businesses are helping families live through the cost of living nightmare. Well done @asda for offering hot or cold meal to children under 16 for £1 a day across all Asda cafes, seven days a week."

And a sixth delighted customer wrote: "Difficult to say anything bad about this, except it shouldn’t be necessary. Well done Asda. Well done."

The Kids Eat For £1 scheme will run from 25 July to 4 September in England and Wales during ASDA cafe opening hours. The £1 meal deal was introduced in Scotland last month.

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