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Woman praised for asking restaurant staff to move tables because of crying baby

Woman praised for asking restaurant staff to move tables because of crying baby

The woman took to Reddit to share her story

A woman has divided opinion after she shared a story on social media where she asked restaurant staff to move table because of a crying baby.

The woman, who is also a mother of two, took to Am I The A**hole? subreddit to explain what she did when out for a meal with her husband.

In the post, the mother said it was the first time she had gone out with just her husband since their second child was born so it was 'kind of a big deal'.

A couple of minutes after they had ordered in the 'fancy restaurant', the woman says a couple with a small baby sat on the table next to them.

After a few minutes, the baby started crying, and - according to the woman - any attempts to try and calm the screaming baby were unsuccessful.

The woman said: "By then we just wanted to leave but we had already ordered so we decided to ask the waiter if we could change tables to the other side of the restaurant.

"The waiter asked if there was a problem and I said it was our first time out after having a baby and we didn’t feel like spending our evening next to someone else’s crying baby.

"He was super nice and quickly asked another waiter to help him set up the new table for us. Another couple that was in the same area also asked to be seated elsewhere."

The woman asked the waiter to move tables because of the crying baby.
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The woman then says that the couple with the baby overheard the conversation with the waiter, and the mother proceeded to calling her an 'a**hole'.

She says the mother told her that she should accept that babies can cry and there is nothing she can do.

The woman then told her that she could do something as 'she could take her baby home so it can properly sleep and then let everyone else there enjoy their meals'.

The couple eventually got to move tables, but that wasn't before the mother of the screaming child muttered a few more words.

The woman even admitted that her sister thought it was an 'a**hole' move, but the large majority of commenters seemed to be on the poster's side.

The woman was eating at a 'fancy restaurant'.
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One person on Reddit said: "Parents who think everybody should tolerate a crying baby because crying is natural are true a**holes."

A second added: "NTA at all. She asked and you answered and you were correct. She already knew why you were moving since she overheard you. She was looking to pick a fight. You would have been TA if you asked the waiter to move them. Asking to be moved elsewhere was completely reasonable."

And a third added: "You didn't start an argument with the mother. You simply quietly asked to be moved, which was completely you right."

While a fourth said: "NTA- you politely asked to be moved to where you could enjoy your night. You didn't demand, you didn't mom shame, you asked politely."

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