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Woman has the ultimate hair dye fail as she uses plastic bag to make it dye quicker

Woman has the ultimate hair dye fail as she uses plastic bag to make it dye quicker

This is hilarious.

We've all got one or two stories to tell about a box hair dye fail, but one woman might be able to top them all after using a plastic carrier bag on her head to try and develop the dye.

Unfortunately for her, using the bag had a hilarious unexpected consequence.

You can watch the hilarious clip below:

TikToker @lisaxmac shared the clip of what happened, explaining: "The time my sister dyed her hair at home before our night out, and put a bag on her head to develop it quicker, but the logo transferred onto her head."

In the clip, the sisters can be seen in hysterics as they stand in the bathroom looking at the bright green Asda print on the woman's head.

"Three years ago, ignore the bathroom we were still decorating... funniest moment with my sister, ps she usually uses a bag to develop it and it's never done that before," she explained.

The pair can barely speak they're laughing so much, and in a later video, the TikToker added: "Was so funny honestly! I've added the pics to the end of this video, luckily with a few wash attempts it came out."

The women were in hysterics over the incident.

And other users thought the video was hilarious, with thousands taking to the comments.

One person wrote: "How is this not viral?! I'm SCREAMING."

While another said: "New fear unlocked omg I always use carrier bags like that."

And a third added: "The way I knew it was Asda as soon as I saw the green and then could actually read it on your head."

Meanwhile a fourth commented: "This happened to me I left my receipt in the bottom and it’s printed into my blonde hair."

The green Asda logo printed onto her hair.

The pair explained they were still able to enjoy their night out after the green print finally washed away, and @lisaxmac posted a follow up with photos from their night on the town.

Addressing some TikTokers who accused the pair of painting the logo on, she said: "Someone said it looks painted in, I can guarantee we wouldn't have found it as funny as this if we painted it on this was beyond hilarious... just heard her shouting in the bathroom and had to see what was up."

Some people choose to cover their hair with a plastic bag when dyeing their hair at home so that the colour sets evenly - but of course, this can come with risks and shouldn't be relied on.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@lisaxmac

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