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Woman shares genius way she decorates her stair rail for Christmas

Woman shares genius way she decorates her stair rail for Christmas

And it's so easy to create.

A woman has shared the genius way she makes Christmas decorations for her stair bannister - and it's so easy.

You can watch the video below:

In the clip, TikToker @shaynaalnwick revealed the super easy way she decorates the handrail, and you can even use the decs again the following year.

"There's a beautiful and fun way to decorate your staircase for Christmas," she explained.

Shayna first took some pool noodles and cut them down the middle, so they could be attached to the bannister.

She then secured them with cable ties, to make sure they stayed in place once the decorations were added.

"Then get some ornaments, I got tonnes of them for cheap, and get a glue gun," she explained.

Shayna said the best way to begin is to stick the bigger ornaments on first, before filling in the gaps.

She added: "Then you can glue on some more decorative bits, such as pine cones, and get some greenery to cover some more gaps as well."

Shayna begins with the big decorations.

Shayna finished the beautiful staircase by adding bits of ribbon, before tucking it in to the gaps.

"Finishing off by getting some gold ribbon, and wrapping it and tucking it in, and now your stairway is a beautiful Christmas masterpiece!" she added.

"The best part is you can cut the zip ties, take it off in one piece and apply it again for next year."

And people were blown away by the tip, with many taking to the comments desperate to create their own at home.

One person said: "I think these are cute as hell. Could have multiple sets in different colors for each seasonnnnnn!!!"

While another commented: "Omg this is so creative! I might do a Halloween version of this or OMG A BARBIE VERSION."

People were impressed with the staircase.

Despite the positivity, a few people were concerned that the decor might take away the safety of having a handrail on your stairs.

One person wrote: "Very beautiful but am I the only one who needs to use the rail while going up and down?"

And another said: "It’s beautiful but railings are meant to be functional safety features. Be careful."

In the comments, Shayna added: "I have no kids or elderly living with me so I just take caution when going up and down the stairs."

Featured Image Credit: @shaynaalnwick/TikTok

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