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Expert explains why we wake up feeling groggy in the morning

Expert explains why we wake up feeling groggy in the morning

An expert has revealed why some of us wake up feeling super groggy in the morning

If you always wake up feeling super groggy in the mornings, listen up.

An expert has revealed why so many of us feel out of sorts as soon as we wake - and it makes a lot of sense.

Do you find yourself always reaching for the snooze button?
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62 percent of adults in the UK struggle getting up more than twice a week, meanwhile a quarter feel groggy every day, according to a new study by sleep app, Sleepwave.

Speaking to the Independent, sleep expert and GP Dr Nisa Aslam says we're more likely to experience grogginess for a variety of reasons, including in some cases our mattresses, or other factors such as screen time and not getting enough shut eye.

“You are more likely to experience grogginess when you don’t get enough sleep. Perhaps you have started setting the alarm earlier than usual, or woken up from a deep sleep abruptly,” says Dr Aslam.

“Your mattress may be to blame, the bedroom may be too hot or too cold, maybe your partner snores or you have had too much screen time before bed or you suffer from aches and pains.”

According to a study, a quarter of UK adults feel groggy every day.
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Meanwhile, Sleep School's Dr Guy Meadows explains that rather than thinking of waking up as 'like a switch', we should remember that it's a gradual process and it can take some time to properly come around.

Ideally, the best way to wake up is naturally - without an alarm - but of course this isn't always possible with work and other commitments. If you are able to wake up naturally however, this should lead to a more 'refreshed' sleep.

If you really struggle not to snooze your alarm in the morning - especially as the mornings are getting colder and staying in bed for longer is so tempting - Dr Meadows also recommends laying out your clothes or dressing gown before you go to sleep.

And once you do manage to part with the duvet, having a good breakfast and exercising is also important and can boost energy levels for the rest of the day.

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