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Bride Gets Married A Week Early After Discovering Sister's Boyfriend Was Going To Propose On Her Wedding Day

Bride Gets Married A Week Early After Discovering Sister's Boyfriend Was Going To Propose On Her Wedding Day

What would you do?

A bride decided to get married a week earlier than planned after finding out her sister's boyfriend was going to propose on the very same day.

The bride says her parents ended up revealing the plan to turn her wedding day into an engagement party for her sister – which she wasn't happy about, adding that it was presented as 'a matter of fact and it was decided', she said in an anonymous post on Reddit.

The couple decided to elope instead.
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Upset at the plans, the bride told her mum she would not be attending, and to 'just make it an engagement party instead'.

The bride even revealed the plan to her sister – who was upset that she had 'ruined her surprise'. In a shocking twist, the couple then changed their wedding date and decide to get married a week earlier – without telling the bride's parents and sister.

Meanwhile, the bride's friends, cousins and her favourite aunt all attended the new date, with guests told not to post on social media until the couple were on their honeymoon.

The plan didn't go down well with the bride's family, who were furious when they found out.

"I told my mom that I’m NOT going to attend the party she’s paid for. Maybe they should just make it an engagement party instead," said the bride.

"She got very upset and told me that the engagement was supposed to be a surprise. I told her that I was just giving her the heads up since she’s about to lose an insane amount of money. She didn’t take me seriously, like I wasn’t going to cancel my wedding because of a trivial thing.

"What she didn’t know is that I’ve already made plans to get married a week earlier at my grandparents in law. We invited our closest friends and some even had to book earlier flights and take more vacation days, for these people I was extra grateful."

The bride said they were planning on turning the wedding into an engagement party.
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"I really tried my best to negotiate and compromise with my family and truly explain that this was hurting me," she added.

"I have nothing against my sister and, to be honest, nothing against her getting engaged on my wedding, but the principle that it was made very clear to me that I had absolutely no opinion or say in what was going to happen on what supposed to be my special day was where I drew the line.

"The wedding was dreamlike! In the back of my head, I was hurt the people who 'loved' me the most weren’t there, but I pushed that thought away and refused to let it ruin our day.

"My husband was amazing and promised to make me happy for the rest of my life and to make up for every heartbreak I’ve experienced in my past.

"My in-laws surprised us with upgrading our honeymoon to a five star hotel. I tried to stay away from my phone but I was so curious to see my family’s reaction to my elopement a week earlier than planned – it was really ugly.

"Today my mom made long fb/twitter/instagram posts bashing me and my husband. Calling me ungrateful and disrespectful with pictures of my wedding."

The couple got married without the bride's parents or sister.
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The bride went on to explain that her parents are now 'cutting her off' and are demanding compensation.

What would you do?!

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