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Woman sparks controversy after letting bridesmaids pick their own dresses to her wedding

Woman sparks controversy after letting bridesmaids pick their own dresses to her wedding

A bride has received criticism after she let her bridesmaids choose their own dresses.

Debates around weddings are always heated on social media and now one bride catching a lot of heat because of her bridesmaids' dresses. Watch the wedding footage below:

The bride made an unusual decision by letting her bridesmaids choose their own outfits, which resulted in an array of colours of styles.

However, after she shared the photos from her big day on the video sharing app, people were left seriously unimpressed with the final result.

The bride, whose name is Kelsey, tied the knot in the idyllic village of islands in the Florida Keys, known as Islamorada.

But the stunning sky and palm trees failed to distracted other TikTok users from the rainbow of dresses worn by her seven bridesmaids.

The bridesmaids wore matching pyjamas.

In fact, Kelsey uploaded the video as a tribute to her lucky seven, with the caption: “My bridesmaids killed it.”

What a fun idea!

The clip - which has been viewed more than 4.3 million times shows Kelsey and the bridesmaids posing together and having a great time together while wearing their dresses.

The bride explains that she let the women choose their own dresses ‘with no rules’. In the first scene, all the women – except Kelsey – wear matching pyjamas.

Kelsey’s big reveal arrives only a few seconds later, with the bridesmaids all in their chosen outfit.

There’s a deep red dress, pastel yellow, hot pink, light blue, dark blue and a mustard yellow gown. The only thing matching across the eight women are their white bouquets.

The innocent clip has proven to be quite controversial on TikTok, with some people seriously outraged.

“Immediately no,” one person declared.

The bridesmaids all wore different dresses.

“I thought this was a joke, but I just looked at her other videos and it seems they had a real wedding wearing these dresses,” a shocked TikToker wrote in the comments.

“It’s not my wedding it’s not my wedding it’s not my wedding,” another penned, with the downcast face with sweat emoji.

A couple of users compared the outfits to ‘prom’. One commenter said: “This looks like prom pics.. I love the idea but I'm just getting high school flashbacks I'm sorry!".

While a second user also compared the outcome to prom, writing: “It’s giving 2009 prom.”

However, not everyone hated the idea. It turns out lots of people were pleasantly surprised with the results.

“Literally adorable,” one woman commented. “I love it, like the whole rainbow.”

Another person gushed: “I love this idea!!!!”

While a third shared: “I actually love this! It gives such happy and personal vibes.”

An amazed TikToker replied: “I feel like they go so well… and I’m confused about how that happened.”

Could this be the next big wedding trend for 2023?

Featured Image Credit: @hikels/TikTok

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