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Mum who 'died for 27 minutes' after heart stopped beating reveals 'unbelievable' things she saw on other side

Mum who 'died for 27 minutes' after heart stopped beating reveals 'unbelievable' things she saw on other side

She immediately asked for a pen and paper when she came back around

For many people, the notion of what happens to us after we pass away is an extremely daunting prospect which some can hardly bear thinking about.

On top of this, the fact we'll never actually be certain about the existence of life after death until the Grim Reaper eventually comes a-knockin' is potentially even more frightening.

That said, one woman in America - who 'died for 27 minutes' in 2018 after suffering cardiac arrest - is attempting to comfort her followers by opening up about the mesmerising experience she encountered when she was temporarily declared deceased.

Tina is now alive and well.
Facebook/It’s Real-Heaven

Prior to her life-altering health scare, Tina Hines had always boasted a happy and healthy, active lifestyle, and had her heart set on embarking on a colossal hike near her home in Phoenix, Arizona.

While she and husband Brian prepared for their almighty endeavour, however, the mother suddenly collapsed, quickly turning a deep shade of purple.

Terrified for his wife, father-of-four Brian then began giving Tina CPR.

She was momentarily revived several times before the paramedics arrived and took over the chest compressions before the dying mother was rushed to the nearby hospital.

In the ambulance on the way, the medical team repeatedly 'lost' Tina, who was resuscitated a total of six times, and for a harrowing period of 27 whole minutes she was officially deceased.

When she finally awoke, however, she immediately gestured for something she could write on, hoping to jot down her recollection of 'heaven'.

Tina jotted down the words 'It's real' when she woke up.

And out of the cryptic array of barely legible letters she scribbled down, Tina later revealed that she'd written: "It's real".

Anyone else got chills?

She later told AZ Family of her experience, describing it as 'so real', adding that she experienced a dazzling display of 'vibrant' colours, and that she came across a figure standing at a set of black gates behind which a bright white light was shining, whom she believed was Jesus Christ.

While skeptics and non-believers might struggle to know what exactly to do with Tina's near death experience and her journey to 'heaven', her family claim that the entire health scare has hugely consolidated their personal faith.

So much so, in fact, that her niece Madie Johnson got a tattoo on her wrist that bore Tina's cryptically scribed message, in the hope that it'll be constant reminder of her own beliefs.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@itisreal.heaven

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