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Mum makes horrifying discovery after daughter could hear ‘monsters’ in bedroom wall

Mum makes horrifying discovery after daughter could hear ‘monsters’ in bedroom wall

The TikTok mum used a thermal camera to find something living within the walls

For many parents of young kids, having to investigate a reported 'monster in the wardrobe' when your child is too scared to sleep and prove there's 'nothing there', is a frequent occurrence.

After all, how else do you expect them to drift off when they're terrified out of their wits?

Earlier this year, however, a traumatised mother in the US made a stomach-wrenching discovery within the walls of her very home after her young daughter claimed she could hear monsters shifting about within the walls of her bedroom.

Taking to TikTok this week, the woman named Ashley recalled the horrifying moment she discovered her little girl had been right all along, and there really was reason to be afraid of what was living in her house.

Prior to the heart-stopping find, Ashley cleverly set up a a thermal camera to suss whether there was something living in her daughter's walls.

Immediately, the panel in question lit in a hot red shade of orange, confirming the family's worst nightmare.

What she never expected to come face-to-face with once her husband began breaking down the wall, however, was that there would actually be a swarm of over 50,000 honeybees living in the drywall.

"What nightmares are made of," Ashley wrote in the caption of the clip which showed a colossal swathe created by the hive’s warmth.

"When your daughter has been hearing ‘monsters’ in the walls," she added. "Turns out it was 50,000 bees buzzing."

In a follow-up video, Ashley revealed that she'd hired a professional to come out and investigate the infestation.

"Day 1: Beekeeper removed 20,000 bees and 100+ lbs (45kg) of honeycomb from the wall," she revealed.

"He found the queen and is able to safely take the hive to a new home."

She added that the second day had seen the expert remove another 20,000 insects - who had produced over 100 pounds of honey - and seal off the wall to prevent anyone from getting stung.

However, it seems their trouble isn't over, as it turns out that another colony had decided to call the spot their home - which needed another removal.

According to the mum, her insurance company said they wouldn't cover the damages as it 'doesn't have anything to do' with the home itself.

Hundreds of the 9.1 million viewers that feasted their eyes upon the ultimate fear fest fled to the comments, many of which were demanding the same question: How didn't you know they were there?!

The woman shared her terrifying discovery on TikTok. (TikTok/@classyashley)
The woman shared her terrifying discovery on TikTok. (TikTok/@classyashley)

"I would honestly rather have monsters in the wall than to have 50k bees," one penned.

Another admitted: "I would cry before knowing it was bees."

"This happened to my friend except while she was out to dinner with her husband the ceiling collapsed above their bed and showered their master bedroom in bees," explained a third.

Anyone else itchy?

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@classyashley

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