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Man sparks debate after admitting he ‘changed newborn daughter’s name’ whilst wife was asleep

Man sparks debate after admitting he ‘changed newborn daughter’s name’ whilst wife was asleep

People were beyond outraged by his behaviour

Image this: you've just woken up from a much-needed nap after giving birth, only to find out someone has changed your newborn baby's name and that someone was in fact the father whose child you carried for nine whole months.

Well, exactly that happened with the bloke sparking a heated discussion online after admitting to the cardinal sin.

The anonymous man took to Reddit's 'Am I the A**hole' thread to get the internet's verdict on the matter.

One man asked if he was in the wrong for changing his child's name whilst his wife was 'passed out'.
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He titled the post: "AITA for changing my daughter's middle name while my wife was asleep?"

Giving some context to the situation, the man explained: "My wife and I just had our second child, a baby girl. When we had kids we decided I would name the first boy and she would name the first girl.

"The only thing we didn’t agree on was middle names."

He noted that his wife decided that because she had carried the children she would decide both of their middle names as she wanted to pass on a family traditional name on her mother's side and wanted to pass on her paternal grandmother's middle name.

"Our first child, a boy, has the family traditional middle name from her mothers side," the man went on. "It’s a unisex name that always goes to the first born child.

"At first, I didn’t care about the middle names but while my wife was pregnant with our second my grandmother passed. I asked her if we could give the baby my grandmother's middle name and she said 'no'. We fought but I gave up."

The man was slammed by Reddit users for his 'shameful' actions.
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Here's where it gets interesting.

Everything seemed to be A-okay until the nurse came in 'with the papers to name the child'.

He continued: "My wife was passed out asleep and the nurse just asked if we had a name picked out. I said 'yes' and filled out the form with my grandmother's middle name."


Obviously, the mum was far from happy with the situation.

"When my wife woke up an hour later, I decided to tell her the truth immediately instead of hide it," he wrote. "She was p*ssed. "We got into a huge fight and she claimed she’d be changing it but she can’t because you need both parents to sign off on a name change."

After 'three days', the wife was still giving the man the 'silent treatment' along with her visiting family.

He concluded: "Even my family said it was a cruel thing to do while she was asleep. Am I the a**hole??"

In a follow-up comment, the man added: "I know I shouldn’t gone behind her back because the middle names really mattered to her."

The internet, unsurprisingly, unanimously sided with the wife.
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Unsurprisingly, the internet were unanimously on the wife's side with one Reddit user hitting out: "YTA obviously. Your wife just gave birth and passed out and you use it as an opportunity to get your way in an argument?

"You two seriously need to work on your conflict resolution skills, this is so bad."

A second slammed: "YTA, I think your grandmother would be ashamed of you for being a sneaky a**hole. Your wife was probably still in pain after giving birth instead of being there to comfort her, you pull this move."

"YTA," echoed a third. "You disenfranchised your wife when she was recovering from a major physical trauma. How is she supposed to trust you? This was an outrageous breach of trust. You need to arrive at a consensus. Neither of you should be acting unilaterally."

Another Reddit user responded: "The major physical trauma of bearing HIS CHILD. She has just spent the last nine months of her life feeling sick, dealing with hormones, swollen feet, a changing shape and all of the other aspects of his pregnancy, and what does he do?

"Sneak around behind her back to get his way. She will never, ever forget this. Ever."

I'm sure she won't.

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