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Woman who ‘unlocked new fear’ after her jaw got stuck open explains exactly how it happened

Woman who ‘unlocked new fear’ after her jaw got stuck open explains exactly how it happened

A 21 year old TikToker suffered a freak accident just from doing something really simple

A TikToker from New Jersey recently suffered a freak accident just from doing something really simple.

The influencer managed to keep things light-hearted throughout her series of videos explaining the situation, but in my opinion, doing something we naturally do every day and getting your jaw stuck sounds like a nightmare!

However, it was a real life experience for 21-year-old Jenna Sinatra.

Jenna Sinatra realises she needs to go to the ER (TikTok/@bracesbysable)
Jenna Sinatra realises she needs to go to the ER (TikTok/@bracesbysable)

Jenna suffered with lockjaw and documented her experience on social media, obviously.

After convincing her parents that her locked jaw was in fact a reality and not just a prank like they first assumed, they tried to release her jaw at home.

Jenna captioned the video: “This is what I get for messing with my parents all the time.”

But then the family shortly realised that they needed to go to the emergency room.

Jenna had an X-Ray and the doctors informed her that she has dislocated her jaw whilst yawning, which has caused her to not be able to close her mouth properly.

They then told her that they will need to close it manually.

All it took was a few hours, four doctors 'shoving' her jaw back in place and lots of pain medication before Jenna’s jaw went back to normal.

Social media went crazy about these videos, with one of them receiving 65.2 million views.

Now, Jenna is on the mend she responded to a comment in a get ready with me video that said: “So how did that happen???.”

In the video she explained how her jaw locked, how she stayed so calm and how she is doing now.

Jenna said: “Earlier in the day I had a dentist appointment, my mouth was open for a long period of time but nothing actually happened during the appointment everything was fine.

“I went to the gym straight after and on my way home my jaw locked. I literally just yawned and then all of a sudden I could not close my mouth."

The TikToker explained how this had happened to her a few times in the past but it had never been completely stuck before.

Jenna got loads of comments on the videos about how she wasn't freaking out, with one user saying: “I would start having a panic attack how are you laughing 😂😭”

"There's no way this is happening rn"
"There's no way this is happening rn"

To those comments she replied: “I’m gonna be honest with you guys I have no idea. Videoing it and making a joke out of it definitely helped so thats why I have so many videos."

Finally, she proceeded to update her followers on how she is doing now.

“It was brutal but we are good now. I’m still a bit sore and I can’t open my mouth all the way but we are getting better.”

An orthodontist, who goes by the user @bracesbysable on TikTok, stitched Jenna's video educating viewers on how to fix lockjaw at home.

“What you are gonna do is don't panic! Get a friend to put one thumb on the first lower molar and then one on the other side. Then they are gonna push down and back.

“The reason you go down is so you can jump that articular eminence, then it can slide back and your jaw can close again.”

Although we appreciate the orthodontist advice, if you suffer from lockjaw, you should probably let a professional deal with it.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@bracesbysable

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