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Woman claims she was fired from her job for being 'too efficient'

Woman claims she was fired from her job for being 'too efficient'

She took to TikTok to open up about the ordeal

From being late and not working well with others to falling short on deadlines - there's a whole load of reasons why bosses fire their employees.

However, you'd never think someone could end up getting the sack for being too good at it.

Well, this was seemingly exactly the case for one woman, who claims she was fired from her job for being 'too efficient'.

Mariela, a photographer and art director based in Miami who goes by @maryelloww online, took to TikTok to share with her followers a little more about the ordeal.

She went on: "So I got fired from my job yesterday and one of the reasons why is because I'm too efficient."

Mariela then shared an example of her workplace efficiency, continuing: "Yesterday, my boss was in our morning meeting telling me that he's going to set up meetings with the director of sales to talk about the events that we have coming up and if we need to close, if they need a graphic, you know, the corporate talk.

"And then I say, 'Oh, hey, I've already done that work'."

One woman says she was fired from her job for being 'too efficient'.

She explained she had logged into the website that the company use to track events and saw that they were closing in April and had 'already put that project in our project management software'.

"Like I've already done all this work and it did not require to set up bi-weekly meetings," Mariela concluded.

"So yeah, I got fired because I am f**king good."

She captioned the post: "Imagine being terminated for being efficient."

The clip has since clocked up hundreds upon hundreds of comments from people eager to share their reactions to the ordeal, with one TikTok user writing: "Their loss and keep your head up. There will be people that will appreciate you for the good work you do ahead of time."

Viewers rushed in to share their support for Mariela.

A second offered: "You're meant to be a boss, Queen. If you can start investing in your own company cause you definitely have the skills."

"I can understand this completely," penned a third. "I have had a boss who loves my efficiency until it seems like I’m running things and they feel insecure."

A fourth chimed in: "Rule #1: Don’t outshine the master."

"Jobs don’t want you to work efficiently. They want you to work how they want you to, efficiently," echoed a fifth, while a sixth claimed: "He’s making sure that upper management doesn’t see that he’s not needed!"

A sixth sympathised: "When you’re efficient, it’s disruptive and they feel threatened. Seriously insecure. I hope you land work and thrive!"

"I don’t doubt you’ll find an organisation that will appreciate your efficiency!" added a final TikTok user.

Featured Image Credit: Oscar Wong/Getty Images/TikTok

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