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Woman hits back at 'crusty boomers' who loudly complained about her outfit at restaurant

Woman hits back at 'crusty boomers' who loudly complained about her outfit at restaurant

Abbie Chatfield hit back against people who complained about her outfit during a dinner outing

TV personality Abbie Chatfield hit back against a man who made comments about a top she was wearing while out enjoying a nice dinner.

Chatfield had been out to dinner with friends and wore a revealing strappy top with large sections cut away on the front and sides, which she had paired with high-waisted black trousers.

The TV star told how while she was sat with her friends, they had overheard a man at another table making sexist comments about how she was dressed.

FBoy Island host and Bachelor star Chatfield claimed that she had been 'sl*t-shamed' in the incident about her choice of outfit that evening.

Describing the incident, she said: "A man next to us at dinner was saying how disgusting my top was lol sl*t shaming me to his pick me wife !!

"Saying he'd be ashamed if his daughters wore this.

"In return my friends spoke loudly and told us what he was saying, and I called him a sexist pig loud enough so he can hear."

She went on to post another video posing in the top, showing it off to her 457,000 followers on Instagram.

Abbie hit back at a 'boomer' who made comments about what she was wearing.

In a caption, she wrote: "Sorry you have nothing left to talk about in ur crusty relationships. ur (sic) kids probably would be the ones ashamed if they heard what you were saying!!!

"Me wearing a hot top doesn’t compare to you spending your night focusing on my t*ts and making it the main topic of conversation."

Many people shared her view that it was entirely inappropriate to comment on what she had been wearing in such a way.

Fans piled into the comments to express their support for her following the incident in a restaurant.

One wrote: "I’d be more upset if my daughter was this hot and didn’t wear this top out xx"

Abbie responded by showing off the top.

Another replied: "Thanks for being so positive about this. My 14 yr daughter got screamed at by a woman for wearing her bikini up to the shops at the beach - meanwhile boys with no shirts on. I hate the hypocrisy."

A third posted: "As a boomer, my friends and I would be sitting there focusing on how good the wine was, enjoying the food, not giving a damn what anyone around us was wearing or doing .. not all boomers are judgemental."

Another wrote: "Judgey Boomers… (not all boomers, just the judgey ones) how rude to be so mean, out loud.

"You look absolutely beautiful and more importantly happy. Keep rocking it."


Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@abbiechatfield

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