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Couple tell mum they're having third child but get unexpected reaction

Couple tell mum they're having third child but get unexpected reaction

People have been left divided over a mother's reaction to her child announcing they're expecting a third baby.

People have been left divided over a mother's reaction to her daughter announcing they're expecting a third baby.

The news of an incoming baby is known to fill many with a mixture of dread, apprehension and outright fear but also overwhelming love, excitement and gratitude of course.

However, judging by one grandmother's reaction, after you've had two kids, the announcement of someone expecting another child seemingly grows old and rather than joy, invokes a whole series of questions, starting with 'Why?'

Prepare yourself to grimace out of the sheer awkwardness of this conversation:

Indeed, the average cost to raise a child in the US is estimated by the US Department of Agriculture as being around $233,610, so who can really blame the concerned grandmother.

Times that by not just two, but three children, and you're looking at over half-a-million dollars flushed down the drain on children who might not even turn out to be very nice.

I'm joking, each child is a gift to the planet and must - surely?! - have something fruitful to offer.

Although, this grandmother may definitely take some getting used to the idea.

A mother's reaction to her child having a third baby did not go down as planned.
@mariskrodal/ TikTok

In the reposted TikTok video which features a voice over, after being shown a scan image of the baby, the mum questions: "Another one? Already?"

"I don't even think you guys are... You can't handle the two you have," she continues.

Clearly still in disbelief - and horror, if her facial expressions are anything to go by - the soon-to-be grandmother of three questions a final time: "Really? Another baby?"

Someone in the background tells the grandmother what she's said is 'really messed up' before the cameraman and presumably father-to-be walks away, admitting the grandmother's reaction was far from expected.

The mother accused the couple of not being able to 'handle' the two children they already have.
@mariskrodal/ TikTok

The clip has since amassed over 15 million views, with other TikTokers having flooded into the comments to debate the woman's reaction.

Most have argued that it's good the grandmother was honest in her opinions and voiced her concerns as soon as possible. One said: "The truth hurts but needs to be said."

"I'm done at 2, they are a handful and I personally know I would absolutely lose my marbles having a 3rd honesty is the best policy," another wrote.

A third commented: "I suspect grandma helps a lot and speaking from an honest place. That’s a good mom."

A final resolved: "Applauding the honest grandma that gets stuck with the two grandkids all the time."

Most users applauded the grandmother's honesty.
@mariskrodal/ TikTok

However, some users weren't as impressed.

"Damn, that’s brutal. Is this real?" one questioned.

One added: "Honesty is good, but... cases like this you can't change it anymore nor would they want to, so this only hurts their relationship."

"My mother didn't congratulate me on my 2nd pregnancy and I was managing just fine. Now I have 5 kids and 0 mother in my life and I'm happier for it!!" a third revealed.

And others just resorted to making jokes about the situation due to the awkwardness of it all.

A user wrote: "I think this is how Dj Khaled would say it if he is sad... Another one."

Featured Image Credit: mariskrodal/ TikTok/ Carmen Gabriela Filip/ Alamy Stock Photo

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