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Pregnant Woman Baffles Followers After Making Bump Disappear In Vid

Pregnant Woman Baffles Followers After Making Bump Disappear In Vid

We are shook!

TikTokers are shocked after a pregnant woman made her bump 'disappear' in a video uploaded to the social media platform.

Fitness influencer Tammy Hembrow shared the video on her TikTok, joking: "When you're over being pregnant" before making the bump totally disappear.

You can watch the video below:

And fans were so shocked by the vid, with one person writing: "BABY: 'WHY MY HOUSE IS BEING SMALL, SEND HELP' 😂."

While another commented: "The baby: why are the walls caving in 😳."

And a third said: "I thought she was just pushing out and realised she actually pregnant."

Meanwhile a fourth wrote: "I literally gasped."

And another said: "The gasp I just gasped."

A sixth user - who tried it out for herself in front of her partner added: "Haha my husband freaked out when I did this 😂."

Tammy shared the video on TikTok (

Some followers were concerned about the safety of Tammy's trick, but the influencer assured them: "It’s actually recommended bracing ur core like this throughout pregnancy, especially since I train a lot. Bubby is just fine 😂 x."

Adding: "It’s like ‘hugging the baby’ lol I have to do it when I train, super good for your core doing it throughout pregnancy."

Meanwhile another person in the comments claimed: "For those shocked this is safe and it’s great for your core muscle during pregnancy."

It's always recommended to seek professional advice for exercising during pregnancy (

According to Pregnancy, Birth & Baby, "a safe way to work the abdominal muscles and improve core strength is to draw in the muscles without moving your spine – as though sucking your belly button in, towards the spine."

However, sit ups and crunches are not recommended and it's always recommended to seek specific professional advice from a medical or fitness expert before engaging in any abdominal exercises during pregnancy.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@tammyhembrow

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