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Top three zodiac signs affected by tonight's Solstice Strawberry Moon

Top three zodiac signs affected by tonight's Solstice Strawberry Moon

The full Strawberry Moon in Capricorn will be visible from today

Tonight (21 June) marks the arrival of a brand-new moon in Capricorn and an expert has revealed which three star signs will be the most affected.

Earlier this week, Brits were issued a warning to be extra careful, as it’s claimed this week’s full moon will 'bring chaos' for certain signs, while others will prove much more prosperous.

Rose Smith, who runs Absolute Soul Secrets which is the largest psychic network based in the Southern Hemisphere, has shed a little light on what we can expect to look forward to - or dread - with this week's Strawberry Moon in Capricorn.

This Full Moon will prove particularly prosperous for some signs. (Chayanan/Getty)
This Full Moon will prove particularly prosperous for some signs. (Chayanan/Getty)

Warning that 'chaos will come calling', Rose explained to MailOnline: "People will feel out of sorts and frustrated as hard-working, diligent and responsible Capricorn wants us to be responsible and get work done - but the winter solstice is calling us to rest and reflect."


If you're an Aries baby - meaning you were born between 21 March and 19 April - this Strawberry Moon should allegedly urge you to reassess your priorities and goals in life, and take another look at what you believe to be the most important things in life.

While those with this star sign are known for their determination and passion, tonight's event should illuminate your success and your legacy.

So, while that's going on, it might be wise to take a step back and plan your next moves wisely, potentially giving your priorities a reshuffle in the meantime.


If you're born between 22 June and 22 July, however - making you a Cancer baby - this month's full moon in Capricorn should see you focus your attention to your personal relationships - specifically your romantic connections.

Though Cancers are usually the ones to take the lead in love, whether that be jumping in head first, making the first declaration or calling time early, this Strawberry Moon recommends you take a back seat and allow yourself to be nurtured.


Emotions may run high, but you know what they say - it's better to have loved and lost then never to have loved at all.


And when it comes to the Capricorn babies - born between 22 December and 19 January - this Full Moon recommends you recognise the importance of creating a nurturing home environment.

You know that huge spring clean you've been putting off for weeks, get it done! You'll find your mindset becomes much clearer in the meantime.

And on the subject of decluttering, experts say that Capricorns should adapt that mentality to their emotions.

Let everything out this week, and you'll find inner peace will be much closer to hand than expected.

Featured Image Credit: Chayanan/Getty Images/sarayut Thaneerat/Getty Images

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