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Woman says being attractive is 'more of a curse than a privilege'

Gregory Robinson

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Woman says being attractive is 'more of a curse than a privilege'

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/shye.lee

A TikToker has argued the benefits of so-called 'pretty privilege' are limited, claiming there's a downside to it.

Shye Lee, who runs her own social media and business strategist company called 7 Figure Creators, weighed in after the hashtag #prettyprivilege became a trending topic on TikTok and has attracted more than 300 million views.

In case you didn't know, 'pretty privilege' describes a person getting special or preferential treatment throughout life because of their beauty and good looks.

This can range from scoring free drinks at a bar, to securing free or exclusive entry into venues, or attracting a 'rich guy, athlete or a rapper'.

People might treat someone with more generosity simply because they're attracted to them.

According to Shye, there's a not-so pretty side of 'pretty privilege', like potentially being kidnapped or not being taken seriously at work.

Shye said that 'pretty girls' are rarely taken seriously in business. Credit: Instagram/shye.lee
Shye said that 'pretty girls' are rarely taken seriously in business. Credit: Instagram/shye.lee

She wants to know why people want the benefits of 'pretty privilege' so badly after experiencing some awkward situation seemingly because of her looks.

She said: "I’m concerned for everyone who thinks those are such glamorous privileges. Pretty girls are never taken seriously.”

She suggests 'pretty girls' may attract 'more eyeballs' which could lead to a higher chance of being kidnapped.

"Pretty girls are never taken serious, at their job or anything that has to do with being well-educated educated, by default they think that they're not capable of understanding. Business? Forget about it," she states.

Shye cited one uncomfortable example when she sent a message to a doctor to see if he would be interested in working with her company, only to get the response: "You should totally come to the office so I can examine you [winky face]."

She also recalled times when guys would stare and cat-call her when out grocery shopping.

Shye said she's 'concerned'. Credit: Instagram/shye.lee
Shye said she's 'concerned'. Credit: Instagram/shye.lee

She said: "They call you a b*tch because you don't want to talk to them because you don't want to talk to strangers because have you watched the news?"

The 29-year-old from Orlando, Florida told The New York Post: “It’s honestly more of a curse than a privilege."

When it comes to making friends, Lee claimed she's struggled with repeatedly getting comments like: "Oh, my God, I thought you were a b*tch but when I got to know you, you’re actually very kind."

She's previously fallen out with a friend who she believes was struggling with 'insecurity and jealousy', saying: “I started noticing that she just didn’t like me, because so many other people liked me."

"Honestly I feel like no one gets screwed over more than the pretty girl," she added.

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Gregory Robinson
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