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Woman left furious after fiancé's sister invites his ex-wife to Christmas dinner

Woman left furious after fiancé's sister invites his ex-wife to Christmas dinner

The sister has since claimed she didn't intend to hurt anyone's feelings

The festive season can be a particularly trying time of year for some individuals, especially for those who might have turbulent family lives.

The pressure to reunite with loved-ones - who you might have become estranged from - for this supposed-to-be 'joyful' period of the year can often be too much for some to bare.

And no one is more aware of that than one woman, who almost ended up face-to-face with her beloved fiance's ex-wife this Christmas after his sister seemingly attempted to sabotage their special day together.

Surprisingly, however, it is the sister herself that has brought this story to the headlines by sharing it on Reddit, attempting to clear her name by insisting she hadn't intended to hurt anyone's feelings with her actions.

In fact, the sister had been best friends with her brother's ex-wife long before they hit it off, tied the knot, and subsequently called it quits.

Understandably, the sister and her gal pal stayed in touch despite the divorce, and upon discovering that she'd be alone for last year's big day, she invited her along to her family's festivities for Christmas.

The sister didn't want her best friend (and brother's ex-wife) to be alone for Christmas.
Getty/Betsie Van Der Meer

What the sister seemingly failed to bear in mind, however, was how her brother's new partner - whom he met within four months of getting divorced - would feel sharing turkey and roast potatoes with her beau's ex wife.

She allegedly refused to understand the sister's reasoning, who in turn claimed she'd quickly been branded 'disrespectful'.

The sister told social media users of her future sister-in-law: "My parents are hosting Christmas dinner at their house and when I found out my best friend wasn't spending Christmas with her family, I decided to invite her to my parents' home with my parents permission of course.

"I told my brother about it to give him a heads up. He didn't care or mind."

The new fiance was understandably left angry by her future sister-in-law's actions.
Aleksander Jankovic

She went on: "But when his fiancée found out about it she called me. I reminded her that my brother's ex been my best friend before the two met. She actually knew about this when my brother first told her. But she didn't accept that.

"She told me I was being disrespectful inviting my brother's ex wife and I told her if she has a problem with my best friend being there she can just stay home.

"I feel as though I shouldn't have to stop inviting my friend to events just because my soon-to-be sister-in-law has an issue with it."

It'll come as no surprise to learn that the controversial post quickly went viral, and sparked an extremely mixed reaction from readers.

One supported her decision, commenting: "This person was family to you before she married your brother. Just because your brother got involved, doesn't mean his fiancée now gets veto power.

The sister said she won't stop inviting her best friend to family functions.

"I understand she's uncomfortable, I would be, too. But she knew the deal, she had to know this would come up at some point."

Another agreed: "Anyone who freaks out over seeing their significant other's ex at a family Christmas dinner is way too immature to get married."

"Your best friend was in your life long before," a third continued. "What happens when you get married? Is the fiancée going to throw a fit that she will be in your wedding?

"The fiancée needs to get comfortable with the idea that this woman will in one way or another be a part of your life."

Other readers, however, took a different view, with one commenting: "You just created an awkward situation between your brother and his fiancée and yourself.

Some readers have sided with the new fiancé.

"I don't see how the fiancée is supposed to enjoy her time at your parents' Christmas dinner when she knows that her fiancé's ex wife is there too."

A second added: "You have communicated to your future sister in law that her place in your family is not important.

"It is also disrespectful to your brother. In the long run, choosing your sister in law is the right thing because she will be the mother of your nephews and nieces.

"If she is kind and good to your brother then you should take her feelings into consideration."

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