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Woman shares three major signs your partner is cheating on you

Woman shares three major signs your partner is cheating on you

The psychotherapist shared her tips on what to look out for if you're concerned about your relationship

A psychotherapist has shared three major signs to look out for if you're concerned your partner might not be being as faithful as they should be.

If you're in a monogamous relationship, cheating is up there with the worst things that can happen. Aside from the fact that it ruins that particular relationship, it can also have long-lasting effects by impacting your trust with future partners.

Basically, it's absolutely rubbish, and if monogamy isn't for you, then don't get into a monogamous relationship.

Unfortunately, not everyone will take this advice, and there will be some people who decide to cheat.

Knowing this, psychotherapist and TikToker Rebecca P Fox, who goes by the handle @eq_consultant, has shared what she believes are three major indicators that your partner might be cheating.

"If you're currently in a relationship with someone and you have a feeling deep inside that you're being cheated on, this right here is for you," she said.

Lots of relationships end due to cheating.
Katie Salerno/Pexels

Rebecca went on to share the first major sign: a change in their appearance.

"All of a sudden, they might start going down the gym; they might take up a new sport, or a new hobby," she explained. "They're not interested in spending time with you, because they're spending so much time and effort on how they look."

The TikToker added that the partner might buy a new wardrobe, new underwear, new perfume or cologne, and it's all intended to try and 'get someone else's interest'.

The second major sign comes through their phone usage.

Rebecca said secrecy with their phone might be an indicator of cheating.
Porapak Apichodilok/Pexels

"Watch their behaviour with their phone," Rebecca said. "Their phone is their lifeline when it comes to cheating. That phone is going to have all the evidence you need... They don't want you seeing any of that."

Rebecca noted that people who are cheating might 'guard their phone with their life' to avoid their secret getting out.

Finally, the psychotherapist called attention to time, explaining that 'time is needed to cheat'.

"They're going to make up a lot of excuses - all of a sudden they're finding more things to do at work, or they need to work away, or they've been asked to do a lot of overtime," she said.

"It's very out of the blue, very out of character and out of their job description."

Rebecca shared three major signs.

Rebecca acknowledged that you might accept these excuses because you love your partner, but they shouldn't go ignored because they could be an indication of cheating.

She also suggested that cheaters might give 'extravagant' stories about how their day has gone to 'bombard you with information' so you don't ask too many questions.

Though these are signs to look out for, they aren't guaranteed indictors that someone's being unfaithful.

You shouldn't accuse someone of cheating just because they hide their phone - for all you know they could be looking at your birthday present - but they're definitely worth keeping in mind if a pattern of unusual behaviour starts to appear.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@eq_consultant/Witthaya Prasongsin/Getty Images

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