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Woman issues warning after making 'mortifying' mistake during first date

Woman issues warning after making 'mortifying' mistake during first date

The TikToker claimed she's since been ghosted

If you've been enjoying single life for a while, the prospect of dipping your toe back into the dating pool can be somewhat daunting.

After all, with so much brand new relationship terminology flying around these days - including being exclusive, closed off, official, Insta-official - it can often feel impossible to know where you stand with a potential partner.

And, with so many fellow singletons recalling their first date horror stories on the likes of TikTok, it's no wonder that so many lonely-hearts are giving up on the prospect of finding 'the One'.

However, in a bid to prevent her single-pringle followers for making the same obscenely embarrassing mistake that she most recently made on a date, one woman has issued a warning about the risks of seeing multiple people at once...

The social media star claims she's sworn off dating. (Getty/Sammyvision)
The social media star claims she's sworn off dating. (Getty/Sammyvision)

Aussie-born fitness fanatic and TikToker Jade Kupa took to the video-sharing app, where she was seen reminiscing about a date she recently went on with one of her gal pals, Ashy Bines.

She began her story by explaining she'd planned to meet the lucky guy in question at a restaurant in their local area.

Ashy started off the cringe-worthy tale by explaining: "She went on a date last week and - I would be mortified if this happened to me."

Jade then went on: "Newly-single. Went on a date, went well, you know. We went for a nice dinner. Next day - I'm single. I'm single, right..."

It was then that the TikToker revealed that she'd actually planned another date with a different guy the evening prior, only to bump into 'first date guy' at the same eatery.

And I can't even get one date...

Anyway, continuing her story, Jade went on: "Next day, someone else wanted to take me on a date, so I went along. We went out for dinner. Who is at the dinner?"

"The last date sees her with a new date," her friend Ashy then replied.

"One day later - 24 hours!" Jade joked.

When asked if OG guy said anything to her on the second date, she noted: "No, but he also hasn't messaged me again. I'm not dating anymore."

Despite the dating disaster, Jade's story has seemingly resonated with hundreds of her TikTok followers, with many curious to know what the future holds for her and the first guy.

"Awww no hahaha… do you think you would have gone on a second date with him?!" one begged in the comments.

Another added: "But was he on another date too? I love dating stories."

"Love to here some more!" a third added.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/jadekupa/TikTok/ashybines

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